About NALF

Mission & Vision


The North American Limousin Foundation is in the business of customer service and genetic evaluation while providing tools to enhance members’ profitability and maintaining integrity of the herdbook.

Through programs and services, it is NALF’s goal to have members’ products be the Continental common denominator in progressive commercial beef producers’ crossbreeding programs for mainstream markets.


Limousin. Valued by members, favored by commercial cow/calf producers, demanded industry wide, and preferred by consumers. Driven by information, technology and sound science.

Core Values

  • Be united in promotion of Limousin
  • Be team players
  • Have integrity in all we do
  • Create and foster synergistic relationships with industry allies
  • Collect quality data and use scientific-based technologies that will enhance the breed
  • Provide superior customer service and educational opportunities
  • Be passionate about why we exist and what we contribute to commercial cow-calf producers and the entire beef industry
  • Continue to treat all members fairly and equitably
  • Contribute to members’ ability to be profitable and sustainable

Read the complete NALF Strategic Plan


Board of Directors

NALF is governed by a 15 member board of directors. Five directors are elected at each annual meeting of the members for a 3-year term. The annual meeting is held during the Limousin activities of the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

NALF Staff

Meet the NALF Staff


Mark Anderson

Executive Director
Mark Anderson
Ext. 51, Mark@NALF.org
970-590-9576 (c)
Mark’s responsibilities include: Organizational leadership and direction; Liaison between the board of directors and staff.

Tammy Anderson

DNA Processing & Accounting Assistant
Tammy Anderson
Ext. 57, Tammy@NALF.org
Tammy’s responsibilities: Accounts receivable for NALF members and LIMOUSIN TODAY; DNA sample submissions; Assist with DNA results; Assist with accounts payable.


Mallory Blunier

Director of Public Relations & Media
Mallory Blunier
Ext. 61, Mallory@NALF.org
Mallory’s responsibilities include: NALF communications and press releases; NALF.org website manager and updates; LIMOUSIN TODAY editor and ad billing; NALF digital advertising (email blasts, E-Parnters banner ads, NALF.org banner ads); E-Partners e-newsletter; social media; State association communications liaison; Sale downloads.

Katie Campbell

Director of Activities
Katie Campbell
Ext. 43, Katie@NALF.org
913-683-1415 (c)
Contact Katie for information on: Junior programs; Medal of Excellence (MOE) shows; NALJA Board of Directors.


Alison Jones

Director of DNA Processing & Accounting Operations
Alison Jones
Ext. 59, Alison@NALF.org
Contact Alison for: Paying your NALF and/or LIMOUSIN TODAY bill; Bill discrepancies; Request statements; All DNA services; LIMS program; Herd EPD downloads; International import/export paperwork. 

Stephanie Kramer-Beddo

Registry & Member Services Specialist
Stephanie Kramer-Beddo
Ext. 27, Steph@NALF.org
Stephanie is your go-to person for: Membership questions; Registering natural and foreign animals; Recording weaning and yearling weights; Transfers of live animals and embryos; Bull and cow leases; New memberships; NALF-DigitalBeef Member Site questions; Ultrasound results and barn sheets; Mailing certificates, supplies, and promotional material.

Andy Rest

Regional Manager
Andy Rest
Responsibilities: LIMOUSIN TODAY advertising sales for the Midwest and western U.S., and western Canada; Help breeders develop marketing plans; represent NALF at industry events, state events and junior shows, as well as visit make breeder, commercial producer, and feedlot visits.

Nathan Smith

Regional Manager
Nathan Smith
Responsibilities: LIMOUSIN TODAY advertising sales for the eastern U.S., and eastern Canada; Help breeders develop marketing plans; represent NALF at industry events, state events and junior shows, as well as visit make breeder, commercial producer, and feedlot visits.


Membership Application

Applying for Membership – Any reputable breeder or owner of cattle may become a member of the North American Limousin Foundation by applying for membership. This membership form and the correct fee should be sent to: NALF, 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 260 Englewood, CO 80112-5595

NALF & NALJA Membership Form


Membership Classifications – There are seven classifications of NALF membership.

1) Annual Memberships ($100 per year) – Annual members of the North American Limousin Foundation are those who have submitted a membership application and annual fee. Annual members shall be deemed active for the year in which the Annual membership fee applies, starting with the established date of initial Annual membership. Each year Annual memberships can be renewed on the anniversary of the initial membership date. Active annual members are entitled to vote in the meetings of the Foundation, receive all work and services at member rates, and access to the secured member site on the web. Annual members are assigned a member number and herd prefix.

2) Lifetime Memberships – (discontinued June 1, 2004) Lifetime members of the North American Limousin Foundation have paid a membership fee and are entitled to vote at the meetings of the Foundation. As of June 1, 2004, Lifetime members may pay an annual service fee that entitles them to active member rates for all work performed by the Foundation and access to the secured member site on the Web. Lifetime members are assigned a member number and herd prefix.

3) Associate Memberships ($50) – Associates may register and transfer cattle through the Foundation but do not have voting or the other rights of an Annual member. Associates receive a herd prefix and member number and are billed at double the active member rates for all registrations performed by NALF. Access to the website is limited. In order for a breeder to become an associate member, a membership application and fee must be submitted to the NALF office.

4) Junior Memberships ($50 one time fee, $25 per year activity fee) – Junior memberships are available to persons under 21 years of age and are issued only in the individual Junior member’s name. No ranch names or partnerships are allowed. Junior members are non-voting members of NALF, but they do have voting rights in the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA). The initial cost of a junior membership is $50. This fee activates the Junior membership for the current year and the following calendar year. After this time, Junior members may pay a $25/year activity fee to qualify for active member rates and to show at NALF and NALJA sponsored events. When Junior members reach the age of 21, they must become Annual members to receive active member rates.

5) Founder Memberships – Founder memberships are the first 99 memberships of the North American Limousin Foundation. Founder members are entitled to vote in the business affairs of the Foundation. As of June 1, 2004, Founder members may pay an annual service fee that entitles them to receive active member rates for all work performed by the Foundation.

6) Partner Memberships – Partner memberships may be obtained by two or more active Lifetime, Founder or Annual members of NALF. A member of a partnership may record and transfer cattle under the herd prefix assigned to the Partner membership or under his or her own Lifetime, Founder or Annual membership herd prefix. The Partner membership was designed for groups of members who own donor cows. Lease cows also can be transferred to a Partner membership if the partners involved wish to record calves. The Partner membership fee is $50 for each Lifetime, Annual or Founder membership involved. At least one of the partners must pay the annual service fee for the Partner membership to receive active member rates.

7) Affiliate (X Member) – Affiliates are owners of registered Limousin cattle who are not Lifetime, Annual, Junior, Founder or Associate members. Affiliates do not have a herd prefix and cannot register offspring with NALF. They can transfer cattle and are assigned a NALF number. Most Affiliates are commercial cattle producers who have had registered Limousin bulls transferred to them.


Current Fees

The NALF Board of Directors spent the bulk of its April 2016 meeting analyzing expense, revenue, fees, dues, services and structure for NALF. This review was not only comprehensive internally, but compared our operation and fee structure to other breed associations of similar size. We need to be on a level playing field to compete and promote Limousin to commercial and seedstock producers.

Effective September 1, 2016, registration fees increased $7 per head on each age category along with the LIMS program increasing $5 per head (from $15 to $20). Transfer fees increased $2.00 and $3.00 per head, respectively, on the under and over 60 days of age price categories.

While no one enjoys or wants to increase costs, the board knows it is imperative to offer the full range and quality of service and marketing to Limousin membership. Our pricing structure is at the average of other comparable breeds with this pricing increase.

Current NALF Fees – Use this Self-Billing Worksheet to calculate fees for registrations, transfers, and other services.

Limousin Calendar

Rules & Bylaws

The NALF Rules and Regulations committee assists staff in updating materials in the rules, regulations, and by-laws.

NALF By-laws

NALF Rules and Regulations

NALJA By-laws

Glossary of Terms

Suggested Sale Terms and Conditions 



The North American Limousin Foundation President makes appointments to several committees each year. These committees exist to ensure certain aspects of the association run properly. They give a voice to the membership by bringing their needs and concerns to the board. The following is a description of the ten committees and a list of their members.

Nominating Committee

This committee networks with the NALF membership to identify the most qualified candidates for directors to serve on the NALF board and provide leadership for the organization. The committee’s recommendations for directors shall be published in the November issue of the Limousin Today. Nominations from outside the nominating committee must be made to the NALF office no later than October 1.

Committee members: Chairman: Bret Begert

Commercial Marketing Committee

Increases demand and commercial market share through advertising, promotion and execution of programs directed to demonstrate and enhance the commercial value of Limousin genetics. They also provide input as to educational efforts directed toward commercial producers and content directed toward NALF members on subjects related to serving the needs of commercial producers. This is the primary committee liaison with alliance entities. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to advertising, commercial marketing and promotion, and commercial programs.

Chairman: Joey Freund; Staff: Mark Anderson, Board members: Wade Beckman, Dan Hunt, Mark Barker, Gene Raymond, Joe Moore; Members: Mike Smith, Trent Coleman, Mat Lewis, Andy Bailey, Fred Wacker, Shelby Skinner

Finance Committee

Oversees development and execution of NALF’s annual operating budget consistent with long-term board approved financial objectives. Monitor income and expenses on a monthly basis and coordinate with other committees as to executing their plan of work in accordance to approved budget guidelines. Recommend mid-year adjustments to the budget as might be deemed necessary to achieve targeted year-end financial performance objectives. Provide oversight for execution of the board approved investment policy and track performance of investments. Review year-end financial performance including report from auditor.

Chairman: Austin Hager; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Gary Fuchs, Dexter Edwards, Jim Bob Hendrickson, Curt Wieczorek

Limousin Today/ Communications Committee

Explore the commonalities between both parties to decrease duplication of effort, while complementing each other’s actions. As necessary, guide operation and interest in the Limousin Today.

Chairman: Bruce Lawrence; Staff: Mark Anderson and Mallory Blunier; Board members: Jim Bob Hendrickson, Charles Linhart, Randy Corns, Dexter Edwards; Members: Chad Settje, Bob Mitchell, Chisum Peterson.

Membership Committee

Increase membership, registrations, transfers, and involvement of members in activities of the NALF and their respective state Limousin associations. This committee provides input as to educational efforts directed toward NALF members for more effective production and marketing of Limousin genetics. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to member marketing activities and for projecting revenue for member registration and transfer activity.

Chairman: Dexter Edwards; Staff: Mark Anderson, Alison Jones, Stephanie Kramer-Beddo and Katie Campbell; Board members: Bret Begert, Joe Moore, Randy Corns, Bruce Lawrence, Austin Hager; Members: Ty Heavin, Jay Wilder, John Pence.

NALJA Committee

Serve as the committee liaison between the NALF board of directors and the board of directors for the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA). Monitor fundraising, expenditures and financial management of NALJA as well as executions of NALJA sponsored activities. Review NALJA action relative to rules and regulations, selection of judges, sites for NALJA events and recognition of NALJA members.

Chairman: Jim Bob Hendrickson; Staff: Mark Anderson and Katie Campbell; Board members: Bret Begert, Greg Blaydes; Members: Kevin Ochsner, Sean & Brooke Edwards, Amber Parkinson, Brenda Anderson, Skyler Davis, Ethan Freund.

Breed Improvement Committee (Formerly Performance Committee)

Guides the development of NALF’s performance related functions including EPDs, ultrasound data collection, NALF sponsored research, DNA and animal typing-services for parentage and other traits, genetic defects, and genomic-enhanced EPDs.

Chairman: Gene Raymond, Staff: Mark Anderson and Alison Jones; Consultant: Bob Weaber, Tonya Amen, Tessa Verbeek; Board members: Mark Barker, Curt Wieczorek, Joey Freund, Dan Hunt, Austin Hager; Members: Trent Coleman, Casey Fanta, Mark Haden, Mat Lewis, Warren Symens, Gary Gates

Rules & Regulations Committee

Assist staff in updating materials in the member’s manual, including rules, regulations and by-laws. Guides operation and further development of NALF’s data processing functions to facilitate industry-leading service to members, while enhancing office efficiency in the delivery of such services.

Chairman: Curt Wieczorek; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Bret Begert, Greg Blaydes, Joe Moore, Joey Freund; Members: Warren Symens, Mark Smith, Jack Glendenning

Show Committee

Increase participation, merchandising value, and satisfaction members receive through exhibiting cattle in NALF’S MOE events. Responsibilities of this committee include: development and execution of the MOE budget including work with official sponsors, selection of judges for Level I, maintain an approved judges list, review and recommend to the board any changes in MOE policies, rules and requirements, select MOE awards, and generally resolve MOE issues as needed.

Chairman: Jim Bob Hendrickson; Staff: Mark Anderson and Katie Campbell; Board members: Greg Blaydes, Bruce Lawrence, Charles Linhart; Members: Thad Fosdick, Clay Schilling, Chris Thomas, Ty Heavin, Heather Henderson, Ronn Cunningham, John Pence, Shelby Skinner

ILC Committee

This committee oversees planning commencement for the 2018 International Limousin Congress Conference.

Chairman: Rebecca Ferda; Staff: Mark Anderson and Katie Campbell; Board members: Curt Wieczorek, Joey Freund; Members: Joe Epperly, Dr. John Edwards, Anne Burgess, Kevin Ochsner, Jerry Effertz, Wayne Vanderwert, Kent Anderson, Bob Mitchell, Brent Fillmore, Kiley McKinna

Vision Committee

Looks at and develops new programs. They also evaluate the market and beef industry for opportunities for Limousin cattle and continued work on a branded beef program.

Chairman: Charles Linhart; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Austin Hager, Gene Raymond, Wade Beckman; Members: Jason Gaston, Cash Schilling, Bob Mitchell, Mat Lewis, Terry O’Neill, Jerry Wulf, Fred Wacker, Chad Settje

Staffing Committee

Manages any new and current positions, along with the executive director, at NALF and helps make hiring decisions.

Chairman: Gary Fuchs; Board members: Brett Begert, Dexter Edwards, Jim Bob Hendrickson, Gary Fuchs, Austin Hager, Curt Wieczorek

Annual Report

NALF produces an annual report at the conclusion of the fiscal year, which runs from September 1 to August 31. The annual reports are distributed at the NALF annual membership meeting held during the annual convention in January at the National Western Stock Show.

Copies of the annual report are available sending your request to Limousin@NALF.org.

2016-2017 NALF Statistical Information

2015-2016 NALF Statistical Information

2014-2015 NALF Statistical Information


International Limousin Congress

The International Limousin Council is the global organization for Limousin Associations around the world. The main purpose and objectives of the ILC are to network with the world’s elite Limousin breeders while coordinating international research efforts; encouraging uniform recording and registration policies; and to highlight and honor efforts that have been made for the benefit of the Limousin breed on an international and domestic level.

Every two years, the International Limousin Congress (ILC) is hosted by a different country. This event first took place in 1973 in France and has been going strong ever since. The ILC event has traveled to numerous countries including: France, USA, Argentina, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, and Canada.

The International Limousin Congress prides itself on being an event that not only serves as an opportunity to exchange industry and research knowledge, but also a memorable experience that will leave you captivated with a new culture and heading home with lasting friendships.

July 19-27, 2018, the North American Limousin Foundation held the International Limousin Congress in Colorado.

The 23rd International Limousin Congress (ILC) came to an end at the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. on July 27, 2018. The guests had the day on their own to do some more exploring. Some stayed close to the hotel and had more of a lazy day, while others got out and explored the mountains.

The closing ceremony took place at the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo. The North American Limousin Foundation expresses their sincerest thank you to our sponsors, Alltech and Neogen GeenSeek, whom without, this would have not been possible. Thank you to our host ranches, Magness Land & Cattle, Oschner Limousin, Fillmore Ranch, and Running Creek Ranch, for allowing the ILC attendees to come and tour your places. Thank you to the ladies of Unbridled who have been working on making things run smoothly and who did a fantastic job of organizing and planning. Most of all, thank you to all the attendees who took time out of their busy schedules to come and see what the Limousin breed is doing here in America. It was a fabulous ten days! We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones in France in 2020 for the 24th International Limousin Congress.

2018 ILC Sights & Scenes


ILC Video with Spanish translation

ILC Video with French translation

State & Regional Associations

State and regional associations are the life-blood of NALF. Below is a listing of state officers for each association. To update this information, email Mallory Blunier at limousinmedia@gmail.com.

4-State Limousin Association
Director: Kevin Counsil
Director: Jeff Kirby
Director: Joe Hoot
Director: Leon Stewart


Arkansas Limousin Organization
President:  Jessie Swint, Austin, AR
Vice President: Steve Mosher, London, AR
Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Swint, Austin, AR


California Limousin Association
President: Eileen Whitcomb, Marysville, CA
Vice President: David Haugen, Los Molinos, CA
Secretary: Candy Whitcomb, Marysville, CA


Colorado Limousin Breeders Association
President: Joey Freund, Elizabeth, CO


Florida Limousin Association
President: Jason Hutchins, Hawthorne, FL
Vice President: Chad Worley, Hawthorne, FL
Secretary/Treasurer: Wade Rogers, Ft. White, FL


Fullblood Limousin Alliance
President: Stephen Haynes, Bowling Green, KY
Vice President: Robert Stone, Cashion, OK
Secretary: Kim Kosmicke, Cabool, MO
Treasurer: Joe Latendresse, Oologah, OK


Georgia Limousin Association
President: Keith Wyall, Ranger, GA
Vice President: Sid Arnold, Nicholson, GA
Secretary/Treasurer: Lillian Youngblood, Ashburn, GA


Heartland Limousin Association
President: Jim Venner, Breda, IA
Vice President: Bart Mitchell, Boscobel, WI
Secretary: Bob Bosch, Indianola, IA
Treasurer: Randy Corns, Altoona, KS
Executive/Secretary: Dean Summerbell , East Bethel, MN


Illinois Limousin Breeders Association
President: Joan Meyer, Witt, IL
Vice President: Tim Eike, Glenarm, IL
Treasurer: Andy Schmalshof, Avon, IL


Indiana Limousin Association
President: Jerry Eckrote, Macy, IN
Vice President: Jennifer Hankins, North Salem, IN
Secretary: Angie Hunnicutt, Andrews, IN
Treasurer: Kent Waitt, Sheridan, IN
Breed Manager: Carl Griffiths, Kendallville, IN


Iowa State Limousin Association
President: William Long, Afton, IA
Vice President: Bruce Walrod, Moorland, IA
Secretary /Treasurer: Grant & Brenda Anderson, Garner, IA


Kansas Limousin Breeders Association
President: Mark Beikman
Vice President: Kyle Dye
Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Meek, Parker, KS
Advertising/Marketing:  Jerry Meek, Parker, KS
Junior Advisor:  Jennifer Richardson


Kentucky Limousin Breeders Association

President: Chris Milam
Vice President: William Hurt
Secretary: Kaye Kaufman
Treasurer: Jennifer Shady
Past President: Greg Blaydes


Louisiana Limousin Association
President: Harvey Adams, Lake Charles, LA
Secretary: Gerald Broussard, Abbeville, LA


Maryland Limousin Association
Representative: Chris & Kelsey Thomas, Boonsboro, MD


Michigan Limousin Breeders
President: John Stern, Midland, MI
Vice President: Mary Seidelman, Ionia, MI
Secretary: Lori Anger, Breckenridge, MI
Treasurer: Don Anger, Breckenridge, MI


Minnesota Limousin Association
President: Roger Wagner, Milaca, MN
Vice President: Don Biscoe, Cottage Grove, MN


Mississippi Limousin Breeders Association
President: Greg Ladner, Picayune, MS
Vice President: Wayne Hodges, Leakesville, MS
Secretary: Greta Thornton, Van Cleave, MS


Missouri Limousin Breeders Association
President: Jack Glendenning, Lebanon, MO
Vice President: Ty Heavin
Secretary: Paul Junkans, Henley, MO
Treasurer: Nathan Hunt, Frohha, MO
Ex-Officio: Cole Abele, El Dorado Springs, MO

Heart of Missouri Limousin Breeders Association
President: Mark Haden, Rogersville, MO
Vice President: Mark Middleton, Bourbon, MO
Secretary: Casey Allen, Lebanon, MO


Montana Limousin Association
President: Terry O’Neill, Billings, MT
Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Coleman, Charlo, MT


Nebraska Limousin Association
President: Gerald Gustafson, West Point, NE
Vice President: Jay Boyer, Liberty, NE
Secretary/Treasurer: Gwen Behrends, Lincoln, NE


New York Limousin Association
President: Drew Wiseley, Perry, NY
Vice President: Karen Rechberger, Wyoming, NY
Secretary/Treasurer: Kristine Gessner, Wayland, NY


North Dakota Limousin Association
President: Terry Lundquist, Alsen, ND
Secretary: Tom Vaughn, Cavalier, ND


Ohio Valley Limousin Association
President: Aaron Kaufman
Vice President: Joe Pryor, Cutler, OH
Secretary/Treasurer: Freda Van Horn, Malta, OH

Ohio Limousin Association
President: Steve Patton, Hillsboro, OH
Secretary/Treasurer: Freda Van Horn, Malta, OH


Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Association
President: Ronn Cunningham, Rose, OK
Vice President: George Hubbard, Miami, OK
Secretary: Cari Sherry, Yukon, OK
Treasurer: Bob Weaver, Kiowa, OK

Heart of Oklahoma Limousin Association
President: John Holman, Henryetta, OK
Vice President: Don Hodde, Chandler, OK
Secretary: Chad McRenolds
Treasurer: Tiffany Revis


Oregon Limousin Breeders Association
President: Sue Warmington, Fort Rock, OR
Vice President: Patty Chapman, Petrolia, CA
Secretary: Glenda Stilwell, Klamath Falls, OR
Treasurer: Grace Haskins, Lakeview, OR


Pennsylvania Limousin Breeders Association
President: Ed Clark, Enon Valley, PA
Vice President: Annette Delaplaine, Gettysburg, PA
Secretary: Erin Kelly, Wampum, PA


South Dakota Limousin Association
President: Glenn Treftz, Wetonka, SD
Vice President: Matt Bruner
Secretary: Tim Barnard, Belly Fourche, SD
Treasurer: Warren Symens, Amherst, SD


Texas Limousin Association
President: Glenn Schur, Plainview, TX
Vice President: Wayne Baber, Marquez, TX
Secretary: Gary Fuchs, Cameron, TX
Treasurer: Vicki Brehm, San Antonio, TX
Ex-Officio: Scott Stowers, Bridgeport, TX
Executive Secretary: Ralph Hawkins, Krum, TX


Utah Limousin Cattle Association
President: Bob Millerberg, Draper, UT


Virginia Limousin Breeders Association
President: Joe Moore, Raphine, VA
Secretary/Treasurer: Cathy Blalock, Fairfield, VA


Washington State Limousin Association
President: Brad Beus, Pasco, WA
Vice President: Bill VanZanten, Ferndale, WA
Secretary: Stacia Speck, Chehalis, WA
Treasurer: Joann Van Zanten, Ferndale, WA


West Virginia Limousin Breeders Association
President: Victor Friend, Strange Creek, WV
Vice President: Jason Tignor, Elkview, WV
Secretary: Jennifer Friend, Exchange, WV
Treasurer: Jim Moore, Fairview, WV

Western Limousin Association
President: Dave Berry, Port Orchard, WA
Vice President: Christy Hauck, Wheatland, CA
Secretary: Char Avila, Cottonwood, CA
Treasurer: Lana Berlink, Blaine, WA


Ontario Limousin Association
President: Gary Smart, Meaford, ON
Vice President: Murray Shaw, Mooretown, ON
Secretary: Melanie Gollinger, Lisle, ON
Treasurer: Brent Black, Goderich, ON


October (tabloid) issue ad copy due: September 4

National Junior Limousin Show & Congress and International Limousin Congress video coverage available!

Mailed in registrations and transfers turn around: 2 weeks

DNA turn around: 4 weeks