Satellite Events

NALJA offers various satellite events during the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress to build leadership skills and increase education of Limousin cattle. Entries for contests such as photography, state poster, and magazine advertisement are submitted prior to the national junior show. Other contests including judging, public speaking, team fitting, and cow camp are held throughout the week of the show.

Junior members must enter for satellite events by entry deadlines prior to the national junior show.

2017 NJLSC Satellite Event Rules

Sweepstakes Rules

Quiz Bowl Study Guide-2017

Dick O’Brien Junior Herdsman Award

2017 Senior Sales Talk Scenario


Quiz Bowl
A team consists of three or four individuals. You can have as many teams as you’d like. Teams are registered by their state advisors on Sunday July 2nd.


Team Fitting
Teams will consist of three or four members with a least one member from each of the junior, intermediate and senior divisions as described in the Individual Sweepstakes Points.

If a state has 21 or more junior members (based on the count of juniors checked in), NALJA will allow it two teams. NALJA will allow states with fewer than 21 juniors one team. If a state does not have enough members to make a team, it may form a team with another state’s members if that state does not have a team in the contest already. Teams are registered by their state advisors on Sunday July 2nd.

NALJA will allow substitutions among team members as follows:
a) A junior team member may substitute for an intermediate or senior team member
b) An intermediate team member may substitute for a senior team member
c) Seniors may not substitute for another age division.



April issue ad deadline: March 1

International Limousin Congress registration deadline: March 31, 2018

Mailed in registrations and transfers turn around: 2 weeks

DNA turn around: 4 weeks