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March 2018

Click here to read the March 2018 issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY.

Showcase of Champions edition:
• 2018 NWSS & Annual Convention
• 2018 FWSS Results
• Gates Limousin: Back to the Country for the Gates Family
• North American Limousin Junior Association Internship Opportunity

February 2018

Click here to read the February 2018 issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY.

Bull Buyers edition:
• BeefTalk: Use the Numbers When Bull Buying
• What to Expect with IGS’s New Evaluation System
• The Most Valuable Investment in the Beef Herd – The Bull

December 2017 – January 2018

Click here to read the December 2017-January 2018 issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY.

In this edition:
• NWSS: Meet the Director Candidates
• It’s a Tradition
• NALF Board Member Involved in Chinese Montana Beef Deal
• American Royal & NAILE Show Results

November 2017

Click here to read the November 2017 issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY.

In this edition:
• NWSS & Annual Convention Preview
• 14 Show Highlights
• 5 Sale Reports

October 2017

Click here to read the October 2017 commercial issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY.

Commercial tabloid publication focused on females.
In this edition:
• Throw Your Calves a Weaning-Time Potluck
• The Benefits of Pregnancy Diagnosis
• Commercial Replacement Heifer Selection


September 2017

Click here to read the September 2017 issue of LIMOUSIN TODAY

Junior Edition: Focused on the members of the North American Limousin Junior Association and featuring results from the 2017 National Junior Limousin Show and Congress

Offering professional print, digital, and design services to assist NALF members and state associations BRAND and PROMOTE their Limousin and Lim-Flex programs.

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Print Opportunities

2017-2018 Editorial Calendar, Rates and Specs

Now with an annual print circulation of 74,000 mailings!

Glossy issue circulation: 2,000 subscribers
Glossy months:  March, April, May, June/July Herd Reference Issue, September, November, and December/January

Tabloid issue circulation:  20,000 cow-calf producers and subscribers
Tabloid months:  February, August, and October


Digital Opportunities

Digital Media Kit – Includes rates and specs Banner Ad – The NALF website is currently averaging 9,600 visits per month. 6 banner positions are available. Sold on a first come, first served basis by monthly pricing. Contact Limousin Media staff for pricing and availability

E-Partners Banner Ad – The NALF E-Partners is a bi-weekly enewsletter from the North American Limousin Foundation for members and stakeholders. It is published on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month and sent to more than 3,000 email subscribers.

Email Blasts – The NALF email blasts service is very popular in promoting sales, specific genetics, or services. Users report an excellent response rate leading to more inquiries and, ultimately, more sales.



September (Glossy):  Junior Edition
Ads due Aug. 1  •  Editorial due Aug. 5  •  CR ads due Aug. 8

October (Tabloid):  Females
Ads due Sept. 1  •  Editorial due Sept. 6  •  CR ads due Sept. 9

November (Glossy):  NWSS & Annual Convention Preview
Ads due Oct. 3  •  Editorial due Oct. 6  •  CR ads due Oct. 10

December/January + Calendar (Glossy):  NALF Year in Review
Ads due Nov. 21  •  Editorial due Nov. 26  •  CR ads due Nov. 29

February (Tabloid):  Bull Buyer’s Edition
Ads due Dec. 28  •  Editorial due Dec. 28  •  CR ads due Jan. 9

March (Glossy):  Showcase of Champions
Ads due Feb. 1  •  Editorial due Feb. 6  •  CR ads due Feb. 9

April (Glossy):  Herd Sire Edition
Ads due Mar. 1  •  Editorial due Mar. 6  •  CR ads due Mar. 10

May (Glossy):  Herd Management
Ads due Apr. 3  •  Editorial due Apr. 5  •  CR ads due Apr. 10

June-July (Glossy):  Herd Reference Issue + Blue Book
Early ad copy due May 1  •  Ads due May 15  •  Editorial due May 15  •  CR ads due Jun. 1

August (Tabloid):  Feeder calf edition
Ads due July 3  •  Editorial due July 6  •  CR ads due July 10


Magazine Subscription

Recognizing the present and ever-changing environment of the beef industry, the North American Limousin Foundation acknowledges LIMOUSIN Today as its official publication. This publication is focused on commercial producers to convey the message of the Limousin breed and NALF members to buyers and stakeholders of the beef industry. Limousin Today – Profit Tomorrow.

Glossy months:  March, April, May, June/July Herd Reference Issue, September, November, and December/January
Tabloid months:  February, August, and October

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In addition to the LIMOUSIN Today print and digital advertising opportunities, media staff provides custom design services to help breeders and state associations continue to brand and promote their programs.

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  • Business cards
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International Limousin Congress registration deadline: March 31, 2018

May issue ad deadline: April 2

ILC cattle display reservation deadline: June 1, 2018 

Mailed in registrations and transfers turn around: 2 weeks

DNA turn around: 4 weeks