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June 28, 2011
Whats Inside

Important NALF Dates

June 30 Deadline

  • Nominations for 2011-2012 Show Season

July 15 Deadline

  • LIMS - Inventory for Fall 2011 posting
  • LIMS - Record no progeny for Fall 2010 calving
  • LIMS - Record all calves for Fall 2010 

August 15 Deadline

  • LIMS - Heifer Pregnancy information due
  • Candidacy to the Nomination Committee


Upcoming Events & Sales

July 9-15 National Jr. Show & Congress and All-American Futurity  
July 21 California State Fair Open Limousin Show
July 22 & 23 Georgia Field Day
August 19-21 Canadian National Junior Limousin Show  

North American Limousin Foundation is here for you.  e-Partners newsletter is a bi-monthly newsletter that provides you up-to-date information about the Limousin breed and membership news. If you have any questions about the information below, please contact the North American Limousin office at 303-220-1693. 

Nominating Committee Appointed

NALF President Mike Smith, Kansas, has appointed the 2011-2012 Nominating Committee:

The committee would like to hear from NALF members about prospective nominees over the next six weeks. All prospective candidates must express their interest to the Nominating Committee by Aug. 15. The October issue of Limousin World will include the committee's slate of nominees.  Identification of all nominees by then enables NALF to publicize their candidacies and include their names on the official ballot.

July 15th Deadline for LIMS

Now is the time to start reporting your heifer exposure information on your spring-born 2010 females.  You can also mark your culled/disposed young females in the same area to keep your records up-to-date.   Update your LIMS inventory of fall-calving cows for 2011 prior to July 15 and report calving and "no progeny codes" for all your 2010 fall-calving cows.    

As the deadlines approach, NALF will be sending additional information regarding LIMS reporting.  If you have any questions, please call the NALF office.

Enter Your Favorite Photo

Do you have a talent for catching the perfect moment?  If so, enter the newly revised adult photo contest during the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress (NJLS&C).  There are five divisions and five different photo categories: At the Ranch/Scenic, At the Ranch/People, Kids and Cattle, Just Cattle, and Anything but the Ranch. 

Competitors must deliver their entries to the NJLS&C show office by 10 a.m. Monday, July 11. For more information or rules regarding the Photo Contest visit the NALF website or call the office.

Emerging Leaders Application Available

2011 marks the second year of the Emerging Leaders Academy program.  The academy is open to a limited number of participants with the application deadline of July 18.  Those individuals selected for the program will be notified shortly after the application deadline.   

In August, Emerging Leaders Academy will participate in an industry tour and information roundtables to mark the beginning of the year-long program.   

For an application and further details visit the NALF web site or contact the office.

New Limousin Caps Available

NALF has received a new shipment of baseball caps.  There are a limited number available, so get yours while they last!  They will be sold during the NJLS&C and AALF in Amarillo, Tex.  Visit the NALF website or contact the office to get your hands on one.

Service Fee, Checkoff Support Breed Functions

Thanks to the loyal support of those who pay their member service fees, the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF) has maintained breed advertising and staff representation at events while developing extensive Web-based tools and producer-outreach programs.

Those who participate in the annual plan may register animals at the lowest member rates; enjoy free access to the secured, members-only portion of the NALF website; and activate complimentary subscriptions to the Bottom Line newsletter for their bull customers and themselves. This year's assessment notices will mail soon.

The voluntary Commercial checkoff generates additional resources for commercial marketing. NALF bills $2 per head at registration to participating members' accounts. Enrollment is easy - just mark the space on your member-service-fee notice or specify your checkoff-enrollment status at any time by contacting the NALF office.

Limi Boosters

Add to Your NJLS&C Checklist

For those heading to the NJLS&C and All-American Limousin Futurity (AALF), which will be July 9-15 in Amarillo, Texas, the NALF office offers some reminders.

  • Check tattoos before you leave home. Tattoos must be legible, and re-tattooing will not be allowed.
  • Daily updates will be available in the "Show Times" newsletter in the show office. 
  • Cattle check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, July 10. Please be at your stall and remain there until you have been checked-in. 
  • Be sure to check the import regulations - especially those concerning brucellosis and tuberculosis - for Texas and every state you will enter on your way there. All cattle must have a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), and Texas requires brucellosis and tuberculosis testing  for importation, depending on the status of your state and herd and age of the animal.

Nominate a Judge

The NALF Show Committee will accept nominations for the approved-judges list through Thursday, June 30. Active annual and lifetime members can send them via mail, fax or e-mail. Provide your member number or herd prefix and the nominee's address and phone number. The Show Committee will vote on the nominees at its July meeting, which will be in conjunction with the National Junior Limousin Show and Congress (NJLSC).

Direct all MOE questions to Kasey Woolam in the NALF office.

Scanning Heifers is Important

Today's seedstock producers need to know how their genetics contribute to success in the packinghouse. That is why collecting ultrasound data for your replacement heifers is so important. Submitting information into NALF's herdbook can improve the quality and accuracy of carcass EPDs for the entire breed.

Do not forget to order barnsheets from the NALF office as you schedule your ultrasound-scanning sessions, which should occur when your heifers are 300 to 450 days of age. The ultrasound laboratories require barnsheets to process scan data, and failure to obtain them before your scanning session will result in processing delays.

When calling NALF to request barnsheets, be ready to provide the following:

  • your member number
  • birth range and sex of animals
  • a fax number or email address to return the barnsheets 

If you have questions about ultrasound scanning, refer to the Guide to Ultrasound in the "Genetic Evaluation" section of the NALF website, or request one from the NALF office.

NALF Board of Directors Nomination Process

Below is helpful information regarding the NALF Board of Directors nomination process and member-at-large procedure.  Additional information can be found on the NALF web site at or by contacting the NALF office.

The president of the NALF Board assigns members to the nominating committee in June of the current year.  The names of those selected to serve on the nominating committee will be published in NALF e-Partners and the August issue of the Limousin World.   

A written letter must be submitted to the nominating committee by August 15 to propose your name or the name of a possible candidate for the board.   

Once the nominating committee has selected its prospective candidates to fill the two new board member positions along with the three positions for re-election, the names will be published in the NALF e-Partners and the Limousin World.  If you or your possible candidate was not selected by the nominating committee, then you or your possible candidate can petition as a member-at-large. 

To qualify as a member-at-large, the candidate must have at least 15 qualifying signatures from Lifetime, Founder or Annual Members on the petition style form available on the NALF web site or fifteen letters of support may be used in replacement of the signature form.  The completed form or letters must be received in the NALF office by October 15th.

All candidates (nominated or member-at-large) will have their biographies published in the December issue of the Limousin World and will be placed on the official ballot. 

If you are not able to attend the Annual Meeting (during the NWSS), you may request an official ballot from the NALF office prior to December 1st.  You must submit a letter to the NALF office requesting an absentee ballot.  A form letter is available on the NALF web site to place the request. 

For further information and assistance contact the NALF office or visit the web site at Contact NALF.

Go Paperless

If you are doing your NALF business online and no longer need certificates on your animals, click below to opt out of receiving certificate papers.  Remember to include your Member Number, Herd Prefix or complete Name and Address for NALF to locate your membership accurately. 

Click here to sign up for the Paperless Option

NALF Marketing

NALF encourages all breeders and state associations to take full advantage of the cooperative funds available to help them promote Limousin genetics. The key provision to getting NALF assistance with advertising projects is that they communicate directly to commercial producers.

Groups of two to six breeders can join forces with NALF by applying to be part of the Breeder Cooperative Advertising Program. NALF will have approved advertisements customized with the breeders' logos or names, Web or e-mail addresses or phone numbers, and sale dates or private-treaty information if applicable. The home office then will handle all insertion orders and artwork.

NALF pays 25 percent of the cost for placing the "breeder co-op" advertisements. The cooperating breeders will divide equally the remaining placement costs and all of the customization costs. (The publications will bill NALF, which will bill the members' accounts in turn.) As a result, breeders can leverage their partnerships into multistate advertising for a fraction of the usual cost. Complete details are in the "Programs" section of the NALF website. Contact Jonathan with questions or to request an application.

In addition, participating state associations need to confirm the contact information for their cooperative-marketing coordinators with NALF by Aug. 1.  2011-2012 guidelines are available via the "State Associations" page on the NALF website.

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NALF has issued the following news releases since the last issue of e-Partners.

Limousin news releases are archived in the website's "News". NALF encourages its members to share them with their local news outlets.