11th Annual Great American Pie Sale


April 17, 2016
Lebanon, Mo.
Auctioneer:  Chisum Peterson
Sale management: KK Seedstock Consultants
Sale consultants: Helton Consulting and Grassroots Consulting
Limousin World: Andy Rest

8.5 – Cow-calf pairs – $3,682
13 – Bred females – $2,550
4 – Open females – $1,800
25 – Bulls – $3,116
50 ½ – Live lots – $2,960
Embryo gross – $5,125
Total sale gross – $154,625

$5,000 – Bred female – AUTO Country Girl 262Z, 9/2/12, fullblood, sired by Harvest Olympus, bred to SOGF Special K, consigned by Glendenning J Bar J Limousin, Lebanon, Mo., one-half interest purchased by Ragsdell Family Rockin’ R Ranch, Rolla, Mo.

$4,900 – Bull – CWLR Boot Strap, 9/16/14, double black, double polled, Lim-Flex, sired by CWLR Prairie Bluestem, consigned by Prairie Creek Ranch, Richards, Mo., purchased by Ranch Norris, Mountain Grove, Mo.

$4,550 – Bull – CALO 100B, 10/01/14, double black, homozygous polled, sired by CALO Brickyard 902W, consigned by Abele Cattle Company, El Dorado Springs, Mo., purchased by Gary Marso, Crocker, Mo.

$4,450 – Cow-calf pair – Cow: $2,950, AUTO 684X, 6-year-old, black, double polled, sired by Wulfs Urban Cowboy, bred to SYES Best Buy, purchased by M & B Limousin, Lee Summit, Mo. Bull calf: $1,500, NAHU Capital One 40C, 9/11/15, double black, Lim-Flex, sired by MAGS Zaran, purchased by Coosa River Cattle, Pell City, Ala., both consigned by 4H Limousin, Frohna, Mo.

$3,000 – Open heifer – J Bar J Country Gal 517C, 3/31/15, fullblood, sired by AUTO Cliff Hanger 194D, consigned by Glendenning J Bar J Limousin, purchased by Ragsdell Family Rockin’ R Ranch, Rolla, Mo.


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