About NALF

NALF is governed by a 15 member board of directors. Five directors are elected at each annual meeting of the members for a 3-year term. The annual meeting is held during the Limousin activities at Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, OK.

Meet the Board

President Bruce Lawrence
Anton, TX, 806-790-2535

Vice President Wade Beckman
Roberts, ID, 208-313-0235

Secretary Ronn Cunningham
Rose, OK, 918-629-9382

Treasurer Randy Corns
Altoona, KS, 620-750-0924

Bart Mitchell
Boscobell, WI, 608-553-8070

Jay Wilder
Snook, TX, 979-268-5491

Austin Hager
Karlsruhe, ND, 701-626-2345

George Hubbard
Welch, OK, 918-541-5482

At-Large Jerry Wulf
Hancock, MN, 320-491-1390

Ex-Officio Dan Hunt
Oxford, NE, 308-991-3373

Troy Gulotta
Independence, LA, 985-662-1561

Kevin Ochsner
Kersey, CO, 970-396-5525

Rob Brawner
Wood Lake, NE, 402-376-4465

Joey Freund
Elizabeth, CO, 303-841-7901

Lance Sennett
Waynetown, IN, 765-366-4894

Mark Haden
Rogersville, MO, 417-838-6109


Board Meeting Highlights

The NALF Board of Directors holds three regular meetings during the year, typically in January, April, and August. They also meet via conference calls as needed throughout the year.

Next meeting: April 25, 2023, via GoTo Meeting

Previous meeting: December 15, 2022, via GoTo Meeting

Nominations & Elections

NALF By-Laws Article III, Number 10. Nominating Process

A. All prospective candidates must express their interest to the Nominating Committee by August 15 each year, and if the committee does not slate those interested persons, supporters then may add their candidates’ names to the ballot via the at-large nomination process. (effective beginning with the 2010-2011 election cycle)

B. To qualify as a member-at-large, the candidate must have at least 15 qualifying signatures from lifetime, founder or active annual members on either the petition style form available on the NALF web site or 15 individual qualifying letters of support from lifetime, founder or active annual members, or a combination thereof to be received in the NALF office no later than October 15th.

Nomination and Election Forms

All three forms require signature and NALF member number for validation.

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