About NALF

The NALF Board of Directors spent the bulk of its August 2019 meeting analyzing expense, revenue, fees, dues, services and structure for NALF. This review was not only comprehensive internally, but compared our operation and fee structure to other breed associations of similar size. We need to be on a level playing field to compete and promote Limousin to commercial and seedstock producers.

Effective October 1, 2019, registration fees increased $20 per head under 120 day of age, $25 per head from 121 to 270 days of age and $30 per head for 271 days of age and up, along with the LIMS program increasing $12 per head (from $20 to $32). Transfer fees increased $5.00 and $10.00 per head, respectively, on the under and over 60 days of age price categories.

While no one enjoys or wants to increase costs, the board knows it is imperative to offer the full range and quality of service and marketing to Limousin membership. Our pricing structure is at the average of other comparable breeds with this pricing increase.

Current NALF Fees – Use this Self-Billing Worksheet to calculate fees for registrations, transfers, and other services.

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