About NALF


The North American Limousin Foundation is in the business of customer service and genetic evaluation while providing tools to enhance members’ profitability and maintaining integrity of the herdbook.

Through programs and services, it is NALF’s goal to have members’ products be the Continental common denominator in progressive commercial beef producers’ crossbreeding programs for mainstream markets.


Limousin. Valued by members, favored by commercial cow/calf producers, demanded industry wide, and preferred by consumers. Driven by information, technology and sound science.

Core Values

  • Be united in promotion of Limousin
  • Be team players
  • Have integrity in all we do
  • Create and foster synergistic relationships with industry allies
  • Collect quality data and use scientific-based technologies that will enhance the breed
  • Provide superior customer service and educational opportunities
  • Be passionate about why we exist and what we contribute to commercial cow-calf producers and the entire beef industry
  • Continue to treat all members fairly and equitably
  • Contribute to members’ ability to be profitable and sustainable

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Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow.