ATAK New Year’s Resolution Sale

January 31, 2023
Avon, IL
Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman
Sale Team: MC Marketing, Grassroots Consulting, Helton Consulting

3 – Genetic Opportunities – $4,600
11 – Bred Females – $2,928
6 – Pairs – $2,785
13.5 – Open Heifers – $2,370
8 – Bulls – $2,190

$6,000 – Lot 2, Flush of MAGS Jocote 1123J, 1/16/2021, 50% Lim-Flex, double black, homozygous polled, sired by S A V Rainfall 6846, out of AHCC Miss While Z266, purchased by T4 Livestock, Sterling, Colo.

$5,000 – Lot 4, ATAK Jewel, 2/1/2021, 48% Lim-Flex, black, homozygous polled, sired by PBRS Encore 7195E, out of J Bar J Great Sight G910G, bred to ATAK Justice, purchased by Linhart Limousin, Leon, Iowa.

$5,000 – Lot 16, ATAK Jealousy, 9/21/2021, Purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by ELCX Kings Landing 599 D, out of AUTO Poppy 421Z, purchased by Glendenning J Bar J, Lebanon, Mo.

$4,800 – Lot 1, Flush of CELL Jaw Dropper 1130J, 3/5/2021, 57% Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by CJSL Creed 5042C, out of AUTO Callie 403D, purchased by P Bar S Ranch, Sand Springs, Okla.

Photo Caption:

(Sprout & Boulware) -Andy, Tammy, Dixon, Adam, and Jonelle Schmalshof, ATAK Limousin, appreciated the support of Erica and Irv Sprout and Mark and DeDe Boulware, Stronghurst, Ill. They purchased bred females at the sale.

(Arnett) – Derek Arnett & his son, Blayne, Medora, Ill., purchased an open heifer at the ATAK Sale.

(Linhart) – Adam & Jonelle Schmalshof thanked Aaron & Sara Linhart for their purchase of a high-selling bred heifer.

(Summerbell & Rooney) – Dean Summerbell discusses the ATAK offering with Tom Rooney.

(Schmalshof) – Adam Schmalshof welcomed the salegoers to their “New Year’s Resolution” Sale at the Twisted Too Grill in Roseville, Ill.

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