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LIMS: Whole Herd Reporting

Want to save money on registrations, transfers, and genomic profile testing? Looking to spend less time on the computer and more time outside? Tired of handwritten forms and paperwork? Want more reliable EPDs? Then the LIMS program is for you!

The Limousin Inventory Management System (LIMS) is an optional, web-based, whole [ ]

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Callahan Brothers: Building Upon the Legacy

For over three decades the Callahan family has strived to build their operation with quality Limousin cattle. Brothers TJ and Jake Callahan are striving to build upon the legacy their father founded back in 1990.

Based in Centerview, MO the Callahan’s run their operation on owned and rented ground across a [ ]

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Beckman Livestock & Farming: Dedicated to Limousin

The old stigma of the Limousin breed is that they are crazy. Some ranchers won’t buy genetics with Limousin in them because way back in the day his grandpa had a Limousin cow that put him over the fence. Docility in the breed has dramatically changed. The association and the [ ]

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Limousin Leads the Way in Collecting Carcass Data

Carcass trait EPDs for Limousin and Lim-Flex® cattle are now among the most accurate and predictable in the industry, thanks to a cooperative effort between the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF), Aurora, CO, International Genetic Solutions (IGS), Bozeman, MT and Feedlot Health Management Services, Ltd., Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

The leap forward comes [ ]

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An Investment in Genomics is an Investment in the Future

Genomic testing in the cattle business celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. While the dairy sector has dominated this field, beef producers are quickly catching up as more producers and companies continue to invest in this technology to improve their animals and industry

Operations of all sizes and different segments of [ ]

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Junior Spotlight: Will Blaydes

A proud Kentucky Wildcat alum Will Blaydes has spent his life embedded in the Limousin cattle industry. From the time he was born he had the opportunity to be a part of his family’s Limousin operation. “My father and uncle started a commercial cattle operation, then they started buying Limousins [ ]

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Quality Pays on the Rail with Commercial Limousin Genetics

To be competitive in the United States beef market, quality needs to be at the forefront of production goals. This begins at the cow/calf level and goes all the way through the feedlot sector.

To set an industry and consumer standard, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established a [ ]

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Junior Spotlight: Dalton Edwards

Growing up in the show cattle industry is often considered a privilege by many. Lucky for Dalton Edwards of Higginsville, MO he gets to continue to be a part of the future of the industry.

Continuing his family’s legacy Dalton continues to promote and protect the breed he has grown up [ ]

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NALF Update

NALF has just completed its August board meeting in Denver. The August board meeting is typically centered around budgeting for the next fiscal year. Much of this year’s discussion was centered around positive items we can do as a breed in terms of marketing, promotion and research on our cattle [ ]

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Moving NALJA Forward

Hello all!

If you are anything like me, getting back into a schedule with school has been refreshing. Hopefully, the beginning of everyone’s school year is going well. I know for me, at Iowa State, things are looking different than in the past because of COVID-19 and I have a schedule [ ]

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Limousin cattle deliver to your bottom line. With superior genetics, a simple crossbreeding plan and state-of-the-art selection tools, the Limousin breed will serve profit-minded cow/calf producers. In today’s competitive markets, taking advantage of all available opportunities is key. The Limousin breed offers a variety of options from Fullblood to Purebred to the Lim-Flex® hybrid (Limousin x Angus cross) to match your program’s needs and market goals. Crossbreeding for the right blend of muscle, maternal ability and profit is easy with Limousin seedstock.

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