Limousin Latest

2020 NWSS Construction Update

Published December 27, 2019

Hill Exhibitors

  • Check In only at Gate 7
  • No tie outs in Yard Pens (due to availability)
    • Tie out locations same as last year

Pen & Carload Exhibitors

  • Pen Location
    • As of right now we’re still in our old pens- if this changes I’ll update you
  • Night Pens
    • Most likely night pens will be in the new pens
    • Hill cattle will not be allowed in pens- just Pen & Carload exhibitors (due to availability)
  • Load In
    • Load In spots will remain the same
    • There is an additional North Load In location
    • Check in at Chute Office (same as last year) and they’ll direct you which load in to go to
  • Wash Racks
    • There are 3 wash racks available in the new pen location
    • Have tempered water
    • There will be NO washing allowed in new pens
    • Washing will still be allowed in old pens
  • Golf Carts
    • NWSS volunteers will be running golf carts on a constant loop in yards to take public and exhibitors to pens
  • Breed Directory
    • New this year is a breed directory listing exhibitors and their pen numbers
    • Will be available online and in paper form once stalling is done

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