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Beneath Wyoming Skies: Waddle Limousin

Published May 28, 2020

Blue skies as far as the eye can see; across wild, green acres; Waddle Limousin Ranch stands proud for their brand and breed. In an industry dominated by Angus, Waddle Limousin breaks through with their quality Limousin cattle.

Waddle Limousin is owned and operated by Brad and Janet Waddle. The couple runs roughly 120 Limousin cows in the hills of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.

In 1969, Bruce Waddle, Brad’s dad became founder member #3 in the new Limousin breed Association. With semen from Prince Pompadour, they had some of the first Limousin cross calves in the US. Waddle Limousin was trademarked just west of Longmont, Colorado. The operation moved to Platteville, Colorado in the early 80’s before they decided to head north to Nebraska for two years before settling in Wyoming – and the rest is history, as they say.

Waddle Limousin is dedicated to the breed and the advancement of genetics. They continue to be LIMS members, finding it important to register their cattle. Janet says that “being able to register online makes it easy and efficient” to register all their cattle. LIMS members have many benefits and one of the Waddle’s favorite features is that the numbers reported are more realistic and reliable because they are reporting the whole herd and not just the best of the herd.

With the demand for polled and black-hided cattle, the Waddle’s no longer have any Fullblood cows and have adapted towards mostly black-hided cows that are at least double polled. the Waddle’s have started introducing Lim-Flex genetics into their Purebred herd, as they work to compete with the rest of the cattle producers around them.

Commercial cattlemen in Colorado and Wyoming are the main buyers of the private treaty bulls that Waddle Limousin offers. At 120 head, they have nearly maximized their cattle land-holding capacity. Roughly 40% of the heifers are held back as replacements. Brad states that they want cattle that “are docile, have low birth weight, good scrotal size and are structurally sound.”

In an attempt to learn more about this operation, I asked Brad about what he feels his most prominent obstacle is as he continues to raise Limousin cattle. Without hesitation, Brad responded  “marketability.”  As a young man, Brad was heavily involved in the show side of the industry. Since the move to Wyoming, they just don’t have the manpower to do so. He says that showing was a “great way to keep their name out there and promote their cattle.”

Brad and Janet Waddle take great pride in operating a program that has been around since the beginning and continue to wake with each sunrise to live their dream; raising top quality Limousin cattle under the beautiful western skies of the Cowboy State.


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