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Countdown to Convention

Published December 10, 2019

The 2020 NWSS & Annual Limousin Convention is only 32 days away!

Check out the Schedule of Events.

Friday, January 10
1:00 p.m.         NALF Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, January 11
9:00 a.m.         Hill Cattle Check-In – NWSS Hill

1:00 p.m.         Yard Cattle Check-In – NWSS Yards

Sunday, January 12

4:00 p.m.         Social Hour for National Limousin Sale – National Western Club

5:00 p.m.         National Limousin Sale – National Western Club

Monday, January 13

7:30 a.m.         Annual Meeting – National Western Club

6:00 p.m.         Membership Banquet & Genetics on Ice Auction

Tuesday, January 14

9:00 a.m.         National Junior Limousin & Lim-Flex Show – NWSS Stadium Arena

1:00 p.m.         National Limousin MOE Show – NWSS Stadium Arena

4:00 p.m.         Begin Hill Release

Wednesday, January 15

9:00 a.m.         Limousin & Lim-Flex Pen & Carload Show – NWSS Yards


12:00 p.m.       Hamburger Fry – NWSS Yards

5:00 p.m.         Begin Yard Release


Limousin cattle deliver to your bottom line. With superior genetics, a simple crossbreeding plan and state-of-the-art selection tools, the Limousin breed will serve profit-minded cow/calf producers. In today’s competitive markets, taking advantage of all available opportunities is key. The Limousin breed offers a variety of options from Fullblood to Purebred to the Lim-Flex® hybrid (Limousin x Angus cross) to match your program’s needs and market goals. Crossbreeding for the right blend of muscle, maternal ability and profit is easy with Limousin seedstock.