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Davis Ranches: Faith, Family & Limousin Cattle

Published May 18, 2021

A Texas family devoted to faith, family and Limousin cattle. Davis Limousin Ranch is nestled in the heart of central Texas right outside the city of Brownwood. Brad, Traci and Blair Davis are the essence of true passion for the Limousin breed. Established in 1984, Davis Limousin Ranch began with three head of cattle Brad purchased with profits from his show steer and today they run over 150 registered Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle. “Limousin was a great decision,” Brad mentioned while explaining his initial research before delving into what is now Davis Limousin Ranch.

A common denominator throughout every aspect of the Davis’ lives and cattle business are the people they’ve surrounded themselves with. An early mentor to Brad was Jack Stepp who was the manager at M&L Limousin in the 1980s. Jack and his family have deep roots within the Limousin breed and show cattle industry. Brad reminisced that “Jack was and still is a huge influence in my life, not only as a cattleman, but as a Christian influence.” Another pivotal influence for Brad and Davis Limousin Ranch is the late Ed Pinegar, founder of Pinegar Limousin. Brad and Ed partnered on several cows together and their working relationship evolved into a phenomenal friendship. “I was always fascinated with Ed’s talent. He was a marketing guru, a super people person and I learned a lot from him,” Brad said.

Brad considers one of his greatest achievements in life to be the people he gets to work with on a daily basis. Brad and Traci’s daughter Blair returned home to the ranch last May after graduating college and Brad believes it to be a monumental blessing. Blair grew up showing Limousin cattle on county, state and national levels her entire junior career. “This ranch and a passion for Limousin cattle is a legacy to me handed down from my dad. He started this when he was a bit younger than I am. I grew up doing it and quickly realized why my dad loved it so much. I appreciate the upbringing my parents and this ranch gave me. I learned a lot of life in the pastures and barns here and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Now that I’m older I look forward to stepping into his shoes more and learning to carry the responsibility of that legacy and passing it onto the next generation,” Blair explained.

Another tremendous blessing for Brad and Davis Limousin Ranch is Corey Sanchez. Brad knew he had something special in Corey as a high schooler working at the ranch. Twelve years later Corey became the Davis Limousin Ranch Manager and together with his wife, Stefanie, they moved to Brownwood, Texas in 2017. Corey is an integral force behind who Davis Limousin Ranch is today. The relationship began when Corey was in 6th grade and purchased his very first show steer from Brad. “That’s where it took off and my passion for cattle began in that single moment,” Corey remarked. For years Corey couldn’t believe he got to work for Davis Limousin Ranch each day caring for their cattle. Corey and Brad partnered on a couple cows together while he was away at Texas A&M University and their relationship continued to flourish into something quite special. “My dream in college was to come back and run Brad’s program for him and it’s crazy to think of where we’re at now,” Corey said.

As relationships and faith are the foundation of Davis Limousin Ranch, a very special female is at the core of each conversation and the foundation of many instrumental cattle throughout their entire program. EXLR Wonder 066M was the cow that started it all for Davis’ when Blair was a junior. She exhibited a Bred & Owned Champion Heifer out of EXLR Wonder 066M, DL Wonder’s Tabitha 300T, who was by far a favorite throughout her years in the show ring. “We’ve had countless show heifers and bulls, incredible cows and even herd bulls that go back to Wonder. She still holds a special place in our hearts on the ranch,” Blair remarked. There are several cows Corey is truly proud of, but one that sticks out in his mind and for the future of Davis Limousin Ranch is the SSTO Round Robin female. “She’s one that we’ve raised a couple neat individuals out of, but she’s setting the pace of where we’re headed. We’re building a herd around her,” Corey said.

That first Bred & Owned Champion win will always have a special place in the hearts of everyone at Davis Limousin Ranch. “It was a family effort. That was a twenty-year dream accomplished for my dad. It was an achievement that took years of work to make happen. That was something I never thought we would do. I know what it feels like to work hard at home and be rewarded for those efforts in the show ring. I know the pride and confidence that comes with that as well. I know what it feels like to finally achieve a dream. I know the life lessons I’ve learned from doing this. They are important to me and they are what made me who I am today. So to get to see other people succeed, to watch other people have those moments that taught me important life lessons and made me who I am, to know that they are also creating those important moments in their own lives and becoming who they are meant to be and to help them do that and be apart of it- that’s the most meaningful win for all of us,” Blair described.

For Blair, she can think of few things that are more beautiful in life than a pasture full of cows, especially Limousin cows. “Dad and Corey have done a great job purchasing, maintaining, and breeding over the last several years. Dad has always had a great mind for the cattle business and Corey has a keen eye when it comes to good cattle. We are not the biggest or the fanciest cattle operation, but we have a herd full of donor quality cows with the best genetics in the breed and an incredible bull battery. This is a passion for every member of the team and we are constantly working to be better.”

An especially important aspect of the herd at Davis Limousin Ranch is the prolific ELCX Kings Landing bull.

Over the past year, ELCX Kings Landing has been an incredible animal for their program and far beyond. Not only is he a favorite of many throughout the Limousin breed and one of Brad’s favorite bulls, Kings Landing holds a special place in Corey’s heart as well. “He has changed gears for us, he produces so many different types of good. I’ve always said I wanted to be a part of something that special and that was that bull for us,” Corey said.

Everything the ranch has done and continues to do has surpassed any goal Brad ever had. Brad loves the young people, the show ring and a goal of his is to see a young person win a national junior heifer show with a Davis Limousin female. “It’s important for me to befriend as many people as I can and have some good cattle for them to show, that’s why we do what we do. If I make a difference to one kid, this is all worth it,” Brad said. The relationships and family atmosphere are at the core of each goal Brad sets for the ranch and for good reason.

Corey truly believes in the momentum behind the Limousin breed and the program at Davis Limousin Ranch. “We’re doing what we love and that to me is what makes Davis Limousin Ranch special. Winning is fun, but we can go out in a pasture and talk about cows for hours with each other and that’s something that sets us apart,” Corey explained.

It’s all about the people, the cattle and a foundation of faith for the Davis family. Davis Limousin Ranch will have a presence in the Limousin breed for decades to come because the passion runs deep and it’s truly a family effort coming full circle.


About the Author: Sarah Anne Johnson raises registered Limousin & Lim-Flex cattle with her family and Coulton West in Williamsport, OH. She is a sixth-generation beef cattle producer, Sales Specialist, Marketing and Communications Strategist and she is a District Sales Manager for Stine Seed Company. She has also exhibited Limousin cattle on the state and national levels since the age of four and she served as a NALJA Board Member during her junior show career. Connect with her at 614-266-2646 or


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