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Junior Spotlight: Dalton Edwards

Published October 2, 2020

Growing up in the show cattle industry is often considered a privilege by many. Lucky for Dalton Edwards of Higginsville, MO he gets to continue to be a part of the future of the industry.

Continuing his family’s legacy Dalton continues to promote and protect the breed he has grown up with. The Edwards family got their start in Limousin cattle in 1998. Since that time, he has gotten to experience many seasons filled with memories and bonds forged with other like-minded youth in agriculture. When asked what his all-time favorite show would be his answer was quick and precise, “Junior Nationals,” he said. At shows like that it’s a cumulation of competition, family, rivalries, and camaraderie. Life lessons are learned in and out of the show ring and having those opportunities helps Dalton and many others opportunities to help them continue to grow in agriculture.

Dalton expresses one of the hardest parts about getting older and having to miss out on showing is the lack of competition. That adrenaline rush, seeing your hard work come down to a moment in time is all worth it. “I miss having the competition. I’m a very competitive person who treats everything as it is something to win,” says Dalton. He has let his love of rivalry lead him to Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO. There he extends his competitive nature to the football field. Dalton is an integral part of the line for a team that has turned their success around during his tenure. Success of a team is often credited to leadership, and it is not just the coaches who are leaders. Dalton’s need for the competition, leadership skills, and ability to make family out of friends can be attributed to his life experience within the Limousin organization. “My favorite memory being a part of the Limousin breed is the unbreakable bond I have developed with people, it’s truly like a family,” states Dalton.

Continuing to be involved in the breed, Dalton has taken responsibility for coaching and mentoring his younger cousins with their show calves. He says, “Showing Limousin cattle and being around the great group of people has helped me choose a career.” He wants to provide those opportunities for the younger generations and continue to see the breed grow. He attributes a large part of the path he has chosen to follow with his future to the opportunities he had as a youth in the Limousin breed. “In ten years I hope to be involved with the breed through the marketing side,” says Dalton. As a solid breed with desirable reproduction and commercial characteristics Dalton wants to continue to be an integral part of the breed’s growth within the industry.

In true 2020 fashion, Dalton has struggled watching the effects of the pandemic on the show industry. “All of the shows that were cancelled and the restrictions that had to be implemented has been hard to see,” he says. Each show is an opportunity for each exhibitor to showcase themselves and their hard work, and he believes they missed out on many of those instances this year. In spite of current restrictions and “new normals” Dalton is looking forward to being a continued advocate for Limousin cattle and see them continue to thrive in the future. He leaves younger showmen with this advice, “Have fun and enjoy every moment of every show.”


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