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Promoter of the Year – Mark and Tammy Anderson

Published January 30, 2024

Mark and Tammy Anderson were named NALF Limousin Promoters of the Year at the 2024 annual meeting and convention in Oklahoma City.

Mark and Tammy have overseen the execution of the research project made possible by the North American Limousin Research Foundation, established in 2021. Mark and Tammy first met with ranchers in Great Falls, Montana in November 2021. They traveled to both ranches for breeding of over 450 commercial Angus cows in spring 2022, back for calving in March 2023, and multiple additional trips for pre-weaning, weaning, and finally shipping of the calves to South Dakota State University in November 2023. Each sector of the research project required long days of gathering, calving, tagging, branding, vaccinating and record keeping to ensure that the project was carried out with integrity and professionalism. From maintaining open lines of communications with both ranchers, the Board of Directors, and our genetic consultants, there was nothing that went overlooked during Mark and Tammy’s time in Montana. They adhered to breeding schedules, coordinated cleanup bulls, and were integral to the execution of the research project. It is impossible to calculate the hours and miles that the put in over the last two years.  Projects like these are made possible by people like Mark and Tammy willing to put in the time, work and commitment to see it through.

Mark and Tammy both grew up around Eaton, Colorado showing cattle against each other. Mark has worked for NALF since 2011, and prior to that was with Producers Feedlot for 30 years.  Tammy worked for State Farm for 30 years before stepping into her role at NALF in 2018. They have two sons, Cooper and Tanner, and four grandchildren: Cole, Cameron, Hunter, and Carter Lynn. When they are not working, they enjoy camping, fishing, and spending time with their families.

Congratulation’s to the 2023 NALF Promoter of the Year, Mark and Tammy Anderson, Eaton, Colo.


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