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Thomas and Son Farms – The Road to Elite Limousins

Published July 11, 2023

Thomas and Son Farms and its prefix (TASF) are well known both in the purebred Limousin community and the wider stock show world. Located in Boonsboro, Md., their animals have seen arena light from Texas to Colorado.

The farm is currently managed by the sixth-generation brothers Chris and Lonnie Thomas. The original “Thomas” in the name was the current generation’s grandfather, Donnie.

Originally, the family ran a dairy until 1988 and then bought their first group of commercial beef cows the following year. Chris and Lonnie recall that their father and grandfather both really took a liking to the muscle and frame of the Limousin, which led them down the path they’re now on.

Humble Beginnings

Lonnie recalls their early junior years of showing Limousin’s.

“We started as Freddie 4-Hers,” he admits. “We were last in class everywhere we went, junior nationals, county fairs. It didn’t matter. And then we kind of just watched some people and learned as we went.”

The brothers have a competitive edge, so they were eager learners and put their own touch on  their passion.

Around the early 2010s, things took a turn with the purchase of a bull from Heartfelt Farms who became their first National Champion.

Getting on “The Map”

Initially Chris and his brothers developed show steers out of their commercial cattle herd. But when he was about 15 years old, Chris made the decision to show heifers. He bought his first heifer, Casey Holy Foley, for $800 out of the West Virginia Beef Expo.

Chris did it at first for the fun of it, but his experience after winning with a crossbred steer out of a Limousin bull sparked a fire. It wasn’t until he was 21, the end of his junior days, where he would win the Keystone International Livestock Exposition, this time on the lead of a heifer purchased for $8,000.

This led to their first high-performing female, TASF Whiskey Lullaby 357W, whom his brother Danny showed. She won the 2010 open show in Louisville, marking their first notable show ring recognition as breeders. “Whiskey Lullaby” went on to win the 2011 Junior Limousin show at National Western. Ironically, she was initially  cataloged for their sale. But after no buyers came forward, she ended up in their showstring.

That heifer was the first of many who would go on to perform well for the Thomas family and  buyers across the country.

Chris and Lonnie both agree the style of cattle they have developed is well-muscled  with good structure and lots of power.

Cattle style is not the only element that has paved the way for  success in the cattle industry. It takes more than appearance to develope a thriving cattle market.

“People also have  to like you,” Chris added. “You have to be a likable person and you have to want to be part of what they’re doing too.”

TASF Sales and Breeding

In the past, the Thomas family has  focused on hosting production sales at their farm. Recently, though, they  have sold fewer, higher value animals with elite genetics. That said, Chris notes they aare still focused on developing the breed to perform genetically as well as phenotypically.

“No one wants to go out in their pasture and say, ‘She’s rough to look at, but look at those EPDs’ or ‘Her calves don’t grow, but she sure is pretty.’ As a breed, it is critical to feed both ends,” he stresses. “I want to help this breed grow. My kids will be old enough to show soon, and I want the same or better experience for them growing up with Limousin cattle.”

The turning point for their sales was when they started to see continual growth of success in the showring. 2018, for example, was another notable year when Lonnie’s girlfriend at the time and  wife, Allyson, showed two heifers they had attempted to sell.

The pair – TASF Extra Class 124 E and TASF Eternity 150 –  made the trip to Denver for the junior nationals. There, “Extra Class” was named the Reserve Lim-Flex heifer  and “Eternity” won the purebred show at Junior Nationals.

Later that year, John Crawford bought TASF Forever Classy 216 S and took her  to the Lim-Flex Show the following year, where she won  Lim-Flex Junior National Show laurels. The following day, during the purebred show, Kinnick Paulson showed TASF Envy 161 E, who also took home the top prize.

That year solidified the Thomas family as accomplished, elite breeders. After that, more buyers looking for show prospects came to their farm in search of their next project animals.

“Being able to help other kids achieve their goals, while still doing what we love to do, is a great blessing,” says Chris. “Seeing those families work hard and enjoy success is an amazing feeling. And everyone’s idea of success is different based on what stage they are in this business, whether it’s making it through their first show, winning their first class, performing well in showmanship, or actually winning a major show. We enjoy helping them achieve that. “

And help their buyers achieve they have. Since 2017, TASF animals have placed among the top five at the Junior National purebred show.

Elite Limousin genetics, Lonnie says, have ultimately been where their family’s deepest passion lies.

“If we go and do something we’re going to try to do it right,” he says. “That’s what our motto is. But, also, when you get lucky you just have to take it and run with it and don’t look back.”

On the road ahead, Chris says they plan to continue expanding their operation and breeding quality cattle that work for everyone.

“It’s a cool feeling, seeing people have success with cattle that we have bred whether it’s a show heifer, a sire, or a dam,” he says. “The show ring doesn’t have to limit cattle in the field, it should be a stepping stone to better, more functional cattle while maintaining an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.”


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