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What is LimVision?

Published May 4, 2020

LimVision is the collaboration between Neogen and the North American Limousin Foundation to increase genomic marker information on females to increase accuracy of EPDs in the NALF herdbook. A limited number of research 50K genotypes and rebate funds will be available for the project.

Are you a LIMS member interested in genotyping your cowherd at a large discount? —> $24.00 per head; in addition to receiving a rebate discount of up to $3.00 per head if you report weights and body condition scores on your cows.

How LimVision Works:

  • Members will receive a research price of $24 for genomic tests in order to DNA test 90%+ of their current active cow inventory.
  • Participants that submit both mature weights and body condition scores electronically on 90%+ of current active cow inventory will receive an additional, one-time $3 rebate per head.


  • Only members that are enrolled in the LIMS Whole Herd program database and have a NALF registration number qualify for this project.
  • DNA samples must be submitted via All-flex Tissue Sampling Unit or Blood Card on the electronic LIM Vision Cowherd Project.

Contact Mark AndersonAlison Jones or Tammy Anderson for more information.

If you are interested in the project, below you will find the enrollment form and agreement.

LIM LimVision Cow Herd Project Enrollment Form
NALF Female Project Agreement
DNA Suspend Protocol NALF
Rule of Repose

* This is a research collaboration and therefore DNA turnaround, data processing and other timelines associated with the project are not reflective of current NALF turnaround times.


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