Englewood Farms “The Final Chapter” Complete Dispersal

September 17, 2016
Lancaster, Ky.
Auctioneers: C.K. “Sonny” Booth & Eddie Burks
Sale management: KK Seedstock Consultants
Sale consultants: MC Marketing Management, R & R Marketing, Grassroots Consulting & Helton Consulting
Reported by: Andy Rest

Limousin lots
5 – Cow-calf pairs – $4,137
7 – Bred females – $5,071
13 – Open females – $1,780
12 – Bulls – $1,937
4 – Pregnant recips – $2,525
41 – Total Limousin lots – $3,455
Limousin embryos – $9,840
Limousin semen – $7,660
Limousin gross – $159,150
179 – Red Angus lots – $2,934
Red Angus embryos – $18,275
Red Angus gross – $543,575
Total sale gross – $702,725

$47,000 – Bull – Lot 1, AHL Flashback 446B, 2/6/2014, Red Angus bull, sired by PZC TMAS Firestorm 1800 ET, purchased by Smokey Y Ranch, Monument, Kan.

$19,000 – Female – Lot 300, ENGD Zenana 2074Z, 5/1/2012, red, homozygous polled, purebred Limousin, sired by Wulfs Well Suited W709, sold open, purchased by KS Limousin, Java Village, N.Y.

$10,000 – Open heifer – Lot 157, ENGD Done It Again 6502D, 2/27/2016, Red Angus, sired by Silveras Mission Nexus 1378, purchased by Circle R Ranch, Jacksonville, Ga.

$7,900 – Cow-calf pair – Lot 304, $6,400, ENGD Tilly Girl 1360Y, 4/13/2011, homozygous black, double polled, purebred Limousin, sired by Wulfs Upgrade 0509U, bred to MAGS Aviator, purchased by Berti Limousin, Sullivan, Mo. Lot 304A, $1,500, EWCR Tilly’s Axis 6052D, 4/17/2016, homozygous black, double polled, Lim-Flex bull, sired by MAGS Axis, purchased by Donald Carter, Meadow Bridge, W. Va.

$2,900 – Open heifer- Lot 322, HB Rita 576C, 9/6/2015, double black, homozygous polled, Lim-Flex, sired by MAGS Y-Axis, purchased by Brehm Farms, San Antonio, Texas

Photo captions:

0016- Kyle Smith, left, of KS Limousin, Java Village, N.Y., purchased the high-selling Limousin female at the Englewood Farms dispersal and is picture with owner John Tobe after the sale.

0015- Gene and Vicky Brehm, San Antonio, Texas, were one of the Englewood Farms dispersal’s volume buyers.

0012- Steve Revell of Circle R Ranch, Jacksonville, Ga., made several top purchases at the Englewood Farms sale.

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