Feeder Cattle and Commercial Female Listings at NALF.org

The North American Limousin Foundation allows ranchers to list their commercial females and feeder cattle online for FREE! This service allows you to connect with buyers and sellers of Limousin cattle and provides a marketing service for commercial users of the Limousin genetics. When you access the NALF website these listings can be viewed under the MARKETING tab on the main page.

“The feeder cattle and commercial female listings on the marketing page of NALF.org offers an excellent sourcing opportunity for Limousin influenced feeder cattle and commercial females. The list is provided to and shared with buyers by NALF staff,” says Frank Padilla, NALF director of marketing.

How to post on NALF.org:

  • Go to the “marketing” drop down menu on NALF.org
  • You will have the option to click either “feeder cattle for sale” or “commercial females for sale”
  • After you click one of those options, you will be directed to a page where it shows all the commercial female and feeder cattle listings, click “to submit an AD click here”
  • Be sure to complete all fields, as the more information the better, then click ”submit” at the bottom of the page
  • NALF staff will have to approve your request before it gets posted on the page

Once posted on the website, the ad will stay active for 90 days. Listings can be sorted by clicking on any of the read header columns. Be sure to list your cattle well in advance of the projected sale or listed delivery date to give buyers an opportunity to contact you personally in regard to your listing.

If you need assistance in placing your listing on the marketing site, do not hesitate to contact Frank Padilla at 308-350-3323 or by email at frank@nalf.org.

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