Self-Billing Worksheet

Self Billing Worksheet – Use this Self-Billing Worksheet to calculate fees for registrations, transfers, and other services.


Registration Instructions

Registration Instructions – These instructions relate to Form A (multiple registrations) and Form B (single registration). Information pertaining to embryo transfer and natural calves should be reported to NALF using those forms. We encourage you to complete all information possible in order to put the animals on file for registration or performance evaluation. Prompt reporting after each production season for every calf in the herd helps ensure the timely incorporation of the data into the breed’s genetic evaluation program, which – in turn – offers you and your fellow breeders reliable expected progeny differences (EPDs) for use in selecting and marketing Limousin cattle. Please contact the NALF office if you have questions about any NALF forms.


Registration Application (PDF)

ET & Natural Calf Multiple Registration Application (Form A) PDF version – Use this form to submit a paper application for registration of embryo transfer and natural calves. Use the Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform to complete registrations online.


Registration Application (Excel)

ET & Natural Calf Multiple Registration Application (Form A) EXCEL version – This is a Microsoft Excel version of the registration application (Form A).


Single Registration Application

ET & Natural Calf Single-Registration Application (Form B) – Use this form for registering one ET or natural calf.


Transfer Application

Application for Transfer – This form accompanies a registration application form and is used to transfer an animal that has not previously been registered. To transfer a registered animal, simply fill out the transfer on the back side of the registration certificate. Transfers may also be completed online using the Member Site.


Natural Breeding Agreement

Natural Breeding Agreement – Any natural service bull that you are leasing or own with other breeders must have a Natural Breeding Agreement on file.


Transfer of Frozen Embryos

Transfer of Ownership – Frozen Embryos – The membership recording calves from embryo transplant must own the donor dam, have previously owned the donor dam, or have the proper signatures on this form, from a NALF member that was the official owner of the donor dam at the time the cow was flushed. There will be a $3.00 ownership transfer per egg billed to the seller of the embryos when this Frozen Embryo Transplant form is submitted to NALF.


Transfer of Fresh Embryos

Transfer of Ownership – Fresh Embryo Transplant – This form transfer ownership of any resultant progeny of a specified sire and donor dam, from the specified embryo transfer. The seller is responsible for forwarding this signed transfer form to the NALF office. Fresh embryo transfers carry a fee of $8.50 each.


Cow Lease Agreement

Notification of Cow Lease – Under terms of this lease, the progeny of this leased cow will be recorded by Lessee as Owner of Calf. This lease agreement must accompany application for registration of calf. Cost is $5 per calf, payable to NALF. Lease agreement is valid for the registration of one (1) calf.


NALF Membership Application

NALF Membership Application – Any reputable breeder or owner of cattle may become a member of the North American Limousin Foundation by applying for membership. This membership form and the correct fee should be sent to: NALF, 6205 S Main Street, Suite D-280, Aurora, CO 80016.


NALJA Membership Application

NALJA Membership Application – The initial cost of a junior membership is $50. This fee activates the Junior membership for the current year and the following calendar year. After this time, Junior members pay a $25/year activity fee to qualify for active member rates and to show at NALF and NALJA sponsored events.


DNA Testing

NALF provides DNA testing options for:  parentage, horned/polled status, coat color, F94L, genetic abnormalities, a high- and low-density Limousin Genomic Profiler, tenderness, and feed efficiency.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for DNA test results. Visit the DNA & Genomics page for more information.


Proto Order Form

Proto Order Form – DNA testing for the Proto (Protoporphyria) Genotype is conducted through the University of Missouri. Members should use the instructions and order form below to order Proto testing. Proto testing cannot be completed through the Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform.

Proto Testing Instructions – Follow these instructions for submitting DNA samples to the lab for Proto testing.


Request for Duplicate Certificates

Duplicate Certificate Affidavit – This affidavit certifies that you do not have registration certificates(s) in your possession for specified animal(s). It must be submitted when requesting a duplicate certificate.


Catalog Inserts

Information and ads promoting the Limousin and Lim-Flex breeds and NALF services, as well as educational information on EPDs and GE-EPDs are available for use in sale catalogs.

Visit the Library under the Management page to view and download the catalog inserts and NALF ads that are currently available.


Email Data

This is not online registration. To register or record animals online, log into your Member Site on the NALF-Digital Beef Platform. If you do not have access to the Member Site, you may use the following spreadsheet to submit data via email to:


BOD Nominations & Elections Linking Agreement

Linking Agreement (MS Word Document) – Must be filled out completely and emailed to Mallory at


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