The North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) has a governing board of 10 junior directors. In addition to those 10 directors, the immediate past president of NALJA serves as an Ex-officio member of the board. Directors are elected to two-year terms and are eligible to serve two terms.

Their main purpose is to plan national programs and activities for the membership. The Junior Board’s primary responsibility is to organize, plan and run the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress (NJLSC) each summer. They also represent the Limousin breed at state and regional field days and at the Youth Beef Industry Congress (YBIC), which is a three-day seminar sponsored by the U.S. Beef Breeds Council and other industry groups and businesses.

NALJA Board of Directors Application– will download as a Microsoft Word file.


Shelby Hubbard, President

  • Hometown: Miami, OK
  • Parents: George & Suzanne Hubbard
  • 3rd year on NALJA Board

Wiley Fanta, Vice President

  • Hometown: Starbuck, MN
  • Parents: Casey & Kelly Fanta
  • 3rd year on NALJA Board

Riley Smith, Secretary

  • Hometown: Macomb, IL
  • Parents: Bret & Erin Smith
  • 3rd year on NALJA Board

Zane Gavette, Treasurer

  • Hometown: Everson, WA
  • Parents: Debi Gavette
  • 4th year on NALJA Board

Clayton Schowe, Ex-Officio

  • Hometown: Cassville, MO
  • Parents: Dale & Jill Schowe
  • 3rd year on NALJA Board

Colton Barton, Director

  • Hometown: Jarrell, TX
  • Parents: Michele Barton
  • 2nd year on NALJA Board

Brady Edge, Director

  • Hometown: West Branch, IA
  • Parents: Patti Edge
  • 2nd year on NALJA Board

Landry Kleman, Director

  • Hometown: Nazareth, TX
  • Parents: Ashley Kleman
  • 1st year on NALJA Board

Samantha Moore, Director

  • Hometown: Staunton, VA
  • Parents: Joe & Tabby Moore
  • 1st year on NALJA Board

Mikayla Askey, Director

  • Hometown: Queen Creek, AZ
  • Parents: Robert & Angela Askey
  • 1st year on NALJA Board

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