Satellite Events

NALJA offers various satellite events during the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress to build leadership skills and increase education of Limousin cattle. Entries for contests such as photography, state poster, and magazine advertisement are submitted prior to the national junior show. Other contests including judging, public speaking, team fitting, and cow camp are held throughout the week of the show.

Junior members must enter for satellite events by entry deadlines prior to the national junior show.

Individual Sweepstakes Points Breakdown 2024

Individual Contests

Individual Contest Breakdown 2024

Magazine Advertisement Contest – Score Sheet

Photography Contest – Score Sheet

Videography Contest – Score Sheet

Carcass Contest – 2024 Official Pricing Grid

Sales Talk Contest  – 2024 Senior Sales Talk Scenario

State Contests

State Contest Breakdown 2024

Cow Camp – 2024 Cow Camp Study Guide

Quiz Bowl (Held Odd Years) – 2023 Senior Quiz Bowl Study Guide; 2023 Junior Quiz Bowl Study Guide

State Herdsmanship – Score Sheet

State Poster Contest – Score Sheet


2023 Contest Results

2022 Contest Results 

2021 Contest Results

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