2021 CornerPost

This year the CornerPost looks a little different and the NALJA Board of Directors is super excited! The juniors are selling raffle tickets on bred or open heifer that does not need to be in Oklahoma City, picture or video is sufficient. High quality heifer, insurance for one year, transportation to owner, one ET flush, all to be awarded to raffle winner.

Tickets cost $250 each or 5 for $1000 to be sold by NALJA Board. Heifer will not be auctioned.

This years heifer is CHR Hazel 005H.

Reg #: LFF2288607
Tattoo: KQ 005H

Sire: MAGS Eagle
Dam: SSTO Alice 3866A

DOB: 2/20/2020

EPDs: CED: 12  BW: 0.7  WW: 73  YW: 114  Milk: 19  CEM: 6  DOC: 13  YG: -0.21  CW: 45
REA: 0.62  MARB: 0.08  MTI: 56.73


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