2023 CornerPost Heifer Raffle

The NALJA Board of Directors is super excited about this year’s CornerPost raffle heifer! The juniors are selling raffle tickets on bred heifer. This high-quality heifer, insurance for one year, transportation to owner, one ET flush, all to be awarded to raffle winner. Contact a Junior Board Member to purchase your ticket.

Tickets cost $250 each or 5 for $1000 to be sold by NALJA Board. Heifer will not be auctioned.

This year’s heifer is AUTO 689H

Registration Number: NXF2393095
Tattoo: AUTO 689H
DOB: 12/21/2020
78% Limousin

Sire: AUTO Cruze 132X
Dam: AUTO Cylie 284C ET

EPDs: CED: 9   BW: 1.8   WW: 59   YW: 84   MK: 28   CEM: 5   DOC: 9  YG: -0.22   REA: 0.52   MB: 0.21   $MTI: 57.12

Bred to: CHR Hank 105H

Registration Number: LFM2332651
Tattoo: KQ 105H
Due Date: March 16, 2023

EPDs: CED: 13   BW: -0.7   WW: 64   YW: 103   MK: 20   CEM: 7   DOC: 17  YG: -0.11   REA: 0.40   MB: 0.50   $MTI: 68.59

Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow.