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10.16.19 – New Beginnings

9.26.19 – Faith, Hope, and More Faith

12.18.18 – A Look Back at Limousin “The 1980’s”

12.12.18 – A Look Back at Limousin “The 1970’s”

11.28.18 – A Look Back at Limousin “The Beginnings”

10.31.18 – Your Windshield is a lot Bigger than Your Rearview Mirror

8.27.18 – The “Show Family”

7.26.18 – ILC Visits Fillmore Ranch and Olympic Training Center

7.25.18 – ILC Technical Session Day

7.24.18 – ILC Takes On Cheyenne Frontier Days

7.23.18 – Full day for ILC Attendees

7.22.18 – ILC Visits Magness Land and Cattle

7.12.18 – 2018 Western Regional Exposition

7.11.18 – Junior Board Spotlight: Hannah Zieglar

7.7.18 – Junior Board Spotlight: Lindsey Gulottla

7.4.18 – Unconventional Show Box Item

7.2.18 – Scholarship Winner Spotlight

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