Increasing communication with state advisors is a current goal of NALJA. State association junior advisors are asked to send your contact information to Mallory Blunier, NALF director of media & activities.

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Individual Sweepstakes Points

Individual Contest Breakdown 2020

State Sweepstakes Points

Dick O’Brien Junior Herdsman Award

State Contests

Cow Camp – Held even years

This contest judges NALJA member’s understanding of the Limousin breed, general beef industry topics, knowledge of NALF and NALJA. This is a team event.


Junior (13 and under), Senior (14 and over).


A team consists of three or four individuals.


  1. Only participation points will be awarded to participating teams
  2. Juniors will have a chance to test their ability in a number of production areas. This may include The History of Limousin in North America – available from the NALF office for $29.50, Beef Resource Handbook, Limousin Today, www.nalf.org; current beef industry events, all participants should also be prepared to tie a rope halter and be prepared to answer production questions.
  3. Stations will be set up with a time limit for each station. Each team will perform certain tasks at a station and be scored accordingly.

State Poster Contest

This contest allows state associations to promote the Limousin breed, their state association, and their juniors.


All states will compete in the same division.


Each state must deliver its entry to the check-in table by the end of check-in on Sunday, June 28. States without members attending the show may submit their entries to the NALF office no later than June 1. NALJA will display the boards throughout the NJLS&C.


  1. The tri-fold display must be 36 inches tall, have a 24 inch center and 12 inch flaps on each
  2. Each display should promote or highlight the state’s junior association and The display should fit the theme of the current NJLSC, “Party of the Century” All materials must be attached to the board. The use of computer generated graphics will be allowed. The states name and contact representative must be printed on the back of the display.
  3. One entry per
  4. Displays become the property of By entering, states agree that NALJA and NALF may use the display for any publication or promotion.
  5. The state display contest will count toward state sweepstakes

2020 Cow Camp Study Guide

Score Sheet

Team Fitting

This contest allows state teams to showcase the fitting skills of NALJA members. Teams are judged based off of their teamwork, effective use of fitting products, the participation of each team member and overall final presentation of the animal.


All states will compete in the same division.


Teams are registered by their state advisors at 1:00 pm Sunday, June 28.


  1. All contestants must be members of both NALJA and the state association they are If a contestant is not entered exhibiting cattle or entered in individual sweepstakes, they must pay a $10 team participation fee. Fee due by State Advisor meeting, Sunday, June 28 at 1 p.m.
  2. Teams will consist of four members with a least one member from each of the junior, intermediate and senior divisions as described in the Individual Sweepstakes If a state has 21 or more junior members (based on the count of juniors checked in), NALJA will allow it two teams. NALJA will allow states with fewer than 21 juniors one team. If a state does not have enough members to make a team, it may form a team with another state’s members if that state does not have a team in the contest already.
  3. NALJA will allow substitutions among team members as
    1. A junior team member may substitute for an intermediate or senior team member
    2. An intermediate team member may substitute for a senior team
    3. seniors may not substitute for another age division
  4. A two or three-person panel will judge the team fitting
  5. Each team must provide the
    1. Its own animal for A heifer, bull, steer or cow may be used.
    2. All supplies needed, including a chute, blower, clippers, adhesive,
  6. A mandatory meeting will be held with contest officials 30 minutes before the start of the contest. At this time contest officials will review rules and designate each team’s fitting area. After the conclusion of the meeting teams will have 30 minutes to set up.
  7. A contest official will spray each animal with water before the contest begins, at show official’s discretion.
  8. Each team will get 30 minutes to fit its animal. If the number of entries warrants it, there may be two heats, so the judges have enough time to evaluate all the teams thoroughly and fairly. In the case, they will select one overall winner from both heats.
  9. When time has expired, one team member will parade the animal before the judges.
  10. After the judging, the judges will make comments and announce the winner.

State Herdsmanship

This contest will judge states based on the neatness of their stalling area and cattle area as well as the creativity of the NJLSC them. The purpose of this contest is to promote cooperation, teamwork, pride and enthusiasm among a state’s junior organization.


After check-in, NALJA will assign the states to one of two categories (large or small) based on the number of cattle each state checks in.


The Herdsmanship judging begins Monday, June 29, at 8 m. and continues through noon Friday, July 3.


  1. States will be judged throughout the aforementioned period.
  2. Judging for state herdsmanship will be based on the following criteria: a) General neatness and tidiness each exhibitor’s area within each state’s area; b) How well the state maintains its alley; c) How well all exhibitors from a state maintain their cattle; d) Creativity of aisle theme and décor.
  3. Any state that has a decoration display beyond standard cattle equipment occupying stall or aisle space will be disqualified.
  4. Any state that violates the official show rules or barn rules will be disqualified.
  5. Points will go to each division winner and will count toward the final point total for the state sweepstakes award.

Score Sheet

Limi Boosters Cook-Off Contest

This event is sponsored by the Limi-Boosters group and gives states an opportunity to educate the crowd about Limousin beef while performing a skit.


There will be one division for juniors and one for adults


Each Cook-Off team must submit its roster and a typed copy of its recipe by June 15 to  Mary Blaydes, 859-533-6090.


  1. Teams may have 2 to 4 speaking parts and there is no limit to the number of junior members participating in the contest. There is no limit to the number of teams from any state.
  2. All entries must use beef in the recipes. All entries will be evaluated on showmanship (education/theme) and recipe (appeal/taste/appearance).
  3. Cooks may begin preparation any time they deem necessary on contest day to be ready for judging at the designated time.
  4. In keeping with the “fun” aspect of this contest, contestants are encouraged to choose a theme, dress accordingly and serve the beef in a manner keeping with that theme. Participants should use imagination and creativity in choosing a theme and serving the finished dish in that style. Teams will have a five-minute time limit in which to present and serve the dish.
  5. Points will be awarded for the cook-off in the sweepstakes competition. Only the top placing team from each state will receive points. Cash prizes awarded to at least the top two placing teams. Limi Boosters reserve the right to add additional cash prizes for additional placings.
  6. All entries must include a typed copy of the recipe.

Recipe Criteria (60% of score)

  1. Quality of meat preparation.
  2. Family & consumer appeal (serving suggestions).
  3. Overall taste (tenderness, juiciness).
  4. Appetizing appearance (plate presentation).

Showmanship Criteria (40% of score)

  1. The educational aspect of the demonstration (ability to promote beef, educate consumer).
  2. The team’s product knowledge and ability to present themselves and their dish during the judging (theme).
  3. How suitable contestant’s apparel is to their theme.
  4. Neatness and overall appearance.

Quiz Bowl – Held odd years

This contest judges NALJA member’s understanding of the Limousin breed, general beef industry topics, knowledge of NALF and NALJA. This is a team event.


Novice (5-9), Junior (10-13), Intermediate (14-16), Senior (17 and over)


A team consists of three or four individuals. Teams are registered by their state advisors at the state advisor meeting held at NJLSC.


  1. The quiz bowl will be a single elimination tournament, with the first-round pairings and byes drawn at random. Questions will cover the beef cattle industry in general and the Limousin breed specifically
  2. Each round will include 5 toss-up questions, each worth 10 points. Any contestant on either team may answer a toss-up question, but the contestant first must press the buzzer and gain recognition from the quizmaster.
  3. The final round will include 10 toss-up questions, each worth 10 points.
  4. The quizmaster reads a toss-up question until the question is completed or a contestant buzzes in.
  5. If a contestant buzzes in while the quizmaster is reading, the quizmaster stops immediately, and the contestant must begin an answer within 5 seconds
  6. If the first responding contestant’s answer is correct, that team receives 10 points and gets a chance at a bonus question. On the bonus question, the teammates may confer for 10 second before the team captain gives the quizmaster their answer. Each bonus question is worth 10 points
  7. If the first responding contestant’s answer is incorrect, the quizmaster will repeat the toss-up question for the other team. An individual on the other team must buzz in before answering the question. The other team cannot confer on the toss-up question.
  8. After the 5th toss-up question, a team will get a 25-point bonus if all four team members answered a question correctly during that round.
  9. The top two teams in each division after the preliminary round will advance to the finals on Thursday, July 4, at 4 p.m.

2019 Senior Quiz Bowl Study Guide

2019 Intermediate Quiz Bowl Study Guide

2019 Junior Quiz Bowl Study Guide

2019 Novice Quiz Bowl Study Guide


State Advisors

Arkansas  Patrick Swint

Colorado – Julie Ochsner

FloridaRichard Norton & Cory Norton

Georgia – Skyler & April Davis

Illinois – Erin Smith

Indiana – Holly Cox

Iowa – Brenda Anderson

KansasLacey Shipman McCarley

Kentucky –Rene’e Portwood

Louisiana – Troy Gulotta

Minnesota – Jon & Lori MoserCasey & Kelly Fanta

Missouri –Melanie Brockhaus

Nebraska – Erin Clason

Ohio – Kayleesue Laber

Oklahoma – Shana Holloway, Mary Booth, Elizabeth Wright

Oregon – Grace Haskins

South Dakota – Mike Ludens

Tennessee – Brian & Rachel Wyatt

Texas – Donna Stowers, Amber Parkinson

Virginia – Tabby Moore

Washington – Holly Berry

West Virginia – Jennifer Friend

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