Limi Boosters

Limi Boosters Cook-Off Contest

The contest is held annually at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress

Names of cook-off participants and a typed copy of the entry recipe must be submitted by June 15 to Mary Blaydes, 859-533-6090.


  1. Teams may have 2 to 4 speaking parts and there is no limit to the number of junior members participating in the contest. There is no limit to the number of teams from any state.
  2. All entries must use beef in the recipes. All entries will be evaluated on showmanship (education/theme) and recipe (appeal/taste/appearance).
  3. Cooks may begin preparation any time they deem necessary on contest day to be ready for judging at the designated time.
  4. In keeping with the “fun” aspect of this contest, contestants are encouraged to choose a theme, dress accordingly and serve the beef in a manner keeping with that theme. Participants should use imagination and creativity in choosing a theme and serving the finished dish in that style. Teams will have a five-minute time limit in which to present and serve the dish.
  5. Points will be awarded for the cook-off in the sweepstakes competition. Only the top placing team from each state will receive points.

Recipe Criteria: (60% of score)

  • Quality of meat preparation
  • Family & consumer appeal (serving suggestions)
  • Overall taste (tenderness, juiciness)
  • Appetizing appearance (plate presentation)

Showmanship Criteria: (40% of score)

  • The educational aspect of the demonstration (ability to promote beef, educate consumer)
  • The team’s product knowledge and ability to present themselves and their dish during the judging (theme)
  • How suitable contestant’s apparel is to their theme
  • Neatness and overall appearance

All entries must include a typed copy of the recipe.

Cash prizes awarded to at least the top two placing teams. Limi Boosters reserve the right to add additional cash prizes for additional placings.


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