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The objective of the contest is for NALJA members to create a resume and cover letter based on factual work, experiences, education, etc., of the junior that can be used for future career and educational purposes and for the NALJA member to experience a professional interview.

RULES: (Intermediate and Senior Only)

  1. Contestants must be a member of the North American Limousin Junior Association
  2. All work must be that of the entrant


  1. A panel of qualified judges will critique the entries
  2. Resumes will be critiqued on the following: organization, content, grammar, categories used, relevance, layout and format
  3. There will different topics for intermediate and senior divisions
  4. Contestants are encouraged to wear business professional clothing. Contestants will be judged on personal appearance.
  5. Contest divisions are as follows:

Novice and Beginner Division

Novice and Beginners will not compete in the contest but complete a hands on workshop focused in professionalism.

Intermediate Division & Senior Division

  1. General contest rules pertaining to all age divisions are as follows:
  2. Contest is only open to members 15 years of age and older, as of May 20, 2023.
  3. Contestant will be scored separately on each of the following: cover letter, resumé, personal interview and thank you note. A combined score from these four areas will determine the contestant’s overall score.
  4. Each contestant will be interviewed for no more than ten (10) minutes.
  5. Each individual will be evaluated on the following in the interview portion of this contest:
  • Education – Does applicant have the educational background needed for a position with the organization?
  • Leadership Potential – Does applicant appear to have the ability and motivation to advance in the organization?
  • Extracurricular Activities – Does the potential interviewer have sufficient experience in outside activities?
  • Work Experience – Does the applicant have sufficient job accomplishments, skills and experiences to relate to the position.
  • Communication Skills – How well was the candidate able to express his/her thoughts? Consider factors such as vocabulary, grammar, style of delivery, etc.
  • Career Planning – Did the candidate show evidence of career planning? (Example: setting goals for the future, alternative career paths, long-range plans for future self-development)
  • Motivation/Initiative – To what extent does the applicant show enthusiasm for the position being interviewed for?
  • Appearance/Personality – What kind of general impression does the applicant make? Consider dress, grooming, posture and presence.

High School and College Divisions will have separate job descriptions for contests to apply for.


College Division
Job 1: Media Intern
Job 2: National Breed Association Junior Board
Job 3: Animal Health Territory Sales Representative

High School Division Internships
Job 1: State Breed Association Junior Board
Job 2: School Leadership Council
Job 3: Summer Vet tech intern

2023 Future Professionals Contest Job Descriptions

2023 FutureProfessionals Contest Scorecard

If you have any questions, contact Erica Peterson.

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