Linhart Limousin “Business Done Right” Bull Sale

March 2, 2019
Leon, Iowa
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth
Sale management: MC Marketing Management
Sale consultants: R & R Marketing and Grassroots Consulting
Reported by: Andy Rest, NALF regional manager

21 – Fall yearling Lim-Flex bulls – $4,757
36 – Yearling Lim-Flex bulls – $4,527
Sale Gross – $266,250

$15,000 – Yearling Bull – Lot 1, CELL 8208F ET, 2/26/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by MAGS Ali, purchased by a partnership of J & J Limousin, Snook, Texas; Red Rock Limousin, Gary, Texas; and Baker Limousin, Fulton, Mo.

$12,000 – Fall Yearling Bull – Lot 52, CELL 7430E, 9/12/2017, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by ADLL AXL 3007A, purchased by Logan Hills Limousin, West Harrison, Ind.

$7,700 – Yearling Bull – Lot 20, CELL 8095F ET, 2/28/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by MAGS Aviator, purchased by Wulf Cattle, Morris, Minn.

$6,000 – Yearling Bull – Lot 6, CELL 8033F, 2/5/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by SSTO Best Bet 456B ET, purchased by Long & Sons Limousin, Afton, Iowa.

$5,750 – Fall Yearling Bull – Lot 53, HUBB 1008E, 9/17/2017, Lim-Flex, black, homozygous polled, sired by AHCC Cowboy Kind, purchased by Chip Youtsey, Weatherby, Mo.

Photo Captions:

(Long)- William and Sarah Long, Afton, Iowa, and their family purchased one of the high selling bulls at the Linhart Limousin Sale for their long-time Limousin program.

(Moore)- Justin Moore, right, Eudora, Kan., purchased a top bull for his program and is pictured with Charles Linhart after the sale.

(Youtsey)- Larry, left, Lewis, center, and Chip Youtsey, of Winston and Weatherby, Mo., were volume buyers at the Linhart Limousin.

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