Cyber Campfires are free educational webinars geared towards NALF members.

A series of 4 webinars were offered in the fall of 2015. Topics and links to watch the live recording of the webinar are below.

Stay tuned for information on future webinars.

Fall 2015 Cyber Campfire Webinar Series

The EPD Cycle  •  11/3/15
Joe Epperly dissects EPDs and their components to aid in understanding of how the phenotypic data collected by breeders fits into EPDs, as well as the timing and interactions between service providers and NALF that go into the cycle of information from producers to EPDs back for selection. Inclusion of genomics and external EPDs from other breed associations are also discussed.
—Watch the recording of The EPD Cycle webinar

DNA Services  •  11/17/15
Brittany Barrick covers ordering and the display of DNA  results in Digital Beef along with new tests and the future of DNA testing.
—Watch the live recording of the DNA Services webinar

Commercial Marketing/Tyson Agreement  •  12/1/15
Mark Anderson covers the ins and outs of the new NALF alignment with Tyson Foods including the current grid and pricing as well as the requirements and steps to help producers participate.
—Watch the live recording of the Commercial Marketing/Tyson Agreement

NALF Marketing Opportunities  •  12/15/15
Frank Padilla and Jennifer Scharpe discuss the marketing opportunities that are available to membership through Limousin World and NALF Digital.
—Watch the live recording of the NALF Marketing Opportunities webinar

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