Limousin and Lim-Flex® breeders have embraced DNA testing as a tool in genetic evaluation and selection. GeneSeek®, a Neogen® company, is currently NALF’s official DNA lab testing partner.

For questions or more information regarding DNA testing, please contact Alison Jones, NALF director of DNA processing & accounting operations, at 303-220-1693, ext. 59, or

Please allow 3-4 weeks for DNA test results.

Tests & Pricing

NALF provides DNA testing options for:  parentage, horned/polled status, coat color, F94L, genetic abnormalities, a high- and low-density Limousin Genomic Profiler, tenderness, and feed efficiency.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Testing supplies are available through the NALF office or Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform.

Geneseek Lab Pricing Structure

Geneseek DNA Test Request Form

Zoetis DNA Lab Pricing Structure

Zoetis DNA Test Request Form

Order Instructions

The written guides below provide step-by-step instructions for completing DNA testing through the Member Site on the NALF-Digital Beef Platform. It is recommended that members download and print off these guides as a reference.

DNA Testing Instructions

Ordering DNA Supplies on DigitalBeef

Cyber Campfire on DNA Testing via the Member Site – Brittany Barrick covers ordering and the display of DNA  results in Digital Beef along with new tests and the future of DNA testing.


Genomic EPDs

NALF launched genomic-enhanced EPDs in the fall of 2015, providing GE-EPDs for all Limousin and Lim-Flex animals that have completed DNA testing for genomic profiles.

The advantage to animals with GE-EPDs is increased EPD accuracy values on many traits equivalent to having 8-20 progeny. This adds greatly to the predictability in selection for genetic merit of young, unproven seedstock. Animals that are genomic-enhanced will have the NALF GE-EPDs displayed on their animal detail screen and performance reports in the NALF-DigitalBeef platform. Traits that are genomic-enhanced are highlighted in yellow on these reports.

Learn more about GE-EPDs


Several color variations are available for download below as .jpg or .psd files.

Genetic Conditions

While not a major concern, NALF is monitoring several genetic conditions within the herdbook.

NALF Genetic Defects Policies

Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) Test Results

Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) Test Results

Osteopetrosis (OS) Test Results


Proto Testing & Order Form

DNA testing for the Proto (Protoporphyria) Genotype is conducted through the University of Missouri. Members should use the instructions and order form below to order Proto testing. Proto testing cannot be completed through the Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform.

Instructions for Submitting Samples for Proto Testing

Proto Testing Order Form


Sample Collection

DNA samples can be submitted in several forms. A blood sample on an FTA card is the preferred method. Hair samples, semen samples, tissue samples, and blood tubes are also accepted.

DNA Sample Collection & Shipping Instructions

TSU Sample Collection Instructions


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