LimVision is the collaboration between Neogen and the North American Limousin Foundation to increase genomic marker information on females to increase accuracy of EPDs in the NALF herdbook. A limited number of research 50K genotypes and rebate funds will be available for the project.

How LimVision Works

  • Members will receive a research price of $24 for genomic tests in order to DNA test 90%+ of their current active cow inventory.
  • Participants that submit both mature weights and body condition scores electronically on 90%+ of current active cow inventory will receive an additional, one-time $3 rebate per head.


  • Only members that are enrolled in the LIMS Whole Herd program database and have a NALF registration number qualify for this project.
  • DNA samples must be submitted via All-flex Tissue Sampling Unit or Blood Card on the electronic LIM Vision Cowherd Project.

* This is a research collaboration and therefore DNA turnaround, data processing and other timelines associated with the project are not reflective of current NALF turnaround times.

To Enroll, Contact NALF

  • Mark Anderson –
  • Alison Jones –
  • Tammy Anderson –

LIMS LimVision Cow Herd Project Enrollment Form
NALF Female Project Agreement
DNA Suspend Protocol NALF
Rule of Repose

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