Rules & By-Laws

The NALF Rules and Regulations committee assists staff in updating materials in the rules, regulations, and by-laws.

NALF By-laws

NALF Rules and Regulations

NALJA By-laws

Glossary of Terms

Letter Codes

NALF requires the international year letter code to be used as the last digit in the animal’s tattoo. Below is a list of all international year codes.

Year Code List


Sale Terms & Conditions

NALF recommends the following suggested sale terms and conditions for the marketing of Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle.

Suggested Sale Terms and Conditions


Current Fees

The NALF Board of Directors spent the bulk of its April 2016 meeting analyzing expense, revenue, fees, dues, services and structure for NALF. This review was not only comprehensive internally, but compared our operation and fee structure to other breed associations of similar size. We need to be on a level playing field to compete and promote Limousin to commercial and seedstock producers.

Effective September 1, 2016, registration fees increased $7 per head on each age category along with the LIMS program increasing $5 per head (from $15 to $20). Transfer fees increased $2.00 and $3.00 per head, respectively, on the under and over 60 days of age price categories.

While no one enjoys or wants to increase costs, the board knows it is imperative to offer the full range and quality of service and marketing to Limousin membership. Our pricing structure is at the average of other comparable breeds with this pricing increase.

Current NALF Fees – Use this Self-Billing Worksheet to calculate fees for registrations, transfers, and other services.


Find a member or a breeder using the Ranch Search tool on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform.

Search by Herd Prefix, Member ID, or Member Name. Or you may also bring up a list of all the breeders within a state using the Search Location pull-down menu.

If you are a NALF member and you do not show up in the Ranch Search, follow these quick steps.

  1. Log in to your member site on the NALF-DigitalBeef platform
  2. Using the left-hand navigation menu, click on View under My Account
  3. Click on the Prefs tab located in the middle of the screen.
  4. Check the box next to “Allow non-members to see this profile”

Allowing commercial producers to see your ranch profile is now a free service NALF is providing to members with the switch to the NALF-DigitalBeef platform. Take advantage of this service and help potential customers find you by setting your preferences.

Co-op Advertising

The NALF Cooperative Advertising Program helps state associations promote Limousin genetics to commercial producers using cohesive messaging and maximizing promotion dollars.

NALF staff is in the process of reviewing this program to ensure it is a valuable tool for state associations. Updates and information will be posted as it becomes available.



NALF has three award programs to recognize individuals or companies who promote the Limousin breed: Commercial Producer of the Year, Commercial Marketing Booster of the Year, and Limousin Promoter of the Year.

These awards are presented at the National Western Stock Show. Nominations are due December 1. Nomination forms may be downloaded below or requested from the NALF office.

Past Commercial Award Winners


Annual Convention

The annual convention for the North American Limousin Foundation is held during the Limousin activities of the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Okla. Activities for the annual convention include a board of directors meeting, the annual membership meeting, National Limousin Sale, and the membership banquet and Genetics on Ice Auction, in addition to show and social activities at Cattlemen’s Congress.

2022 NALF Annual Convention and Cattlemen’s Congress Limousin Activities • December 31 – January 5 • Oklahoma City, Okla.

Purchase Banquet Tickets

Members are encouraged to purchase their tickets for the Membership Banquet and Genetics on Ice Auction, which will be held Monday, January 3 at 6:00 p.m., at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow breeders, contribute to the junior activities fund, and recognize recipients of the coveted year-end awards.

Tickets are $47.50 and may be purchased by contacting Tammy Anderson ( or Alison Jones ( at the NALF office (303- 220-1693). Tickets must be purchased by Monday, December 27, 2021.

2022 National Limousin Sale

The National Limousin Sale is breeders’ opportunity to market the best of the best of Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics. The 2022 National Limousin Sale will be a video sale and will be held January 2, beginning with a social hour at 4:00 p.m., followed by the sale at 5:00 p.m. Contact American Cattle Services, MC Marketing Management, R&R Marketing, or Grassroots Genetics for more information.

View the 2022 National Limousin Sale Catalog here.

Genetics On Ice

The annual Genetics On Ice auction will be held in conjunction with the membership banquet at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 3. The Genetics On Ice auction benefits the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) and the Limi Boosters. For more information, contact Ken Holloway at 580-597-2419 or Mallory Blunier at 303-220-1693.

View the 2022 Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction Catalog here.

Annual Meeting
The annual membership meeting of the North American Limousin Foundation will take place the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Okla. on Monday, January 3 – place TBD. The agenda includes 1) Welcome, introductions, and Foundation overview; 2) Nominating committee report and election; 3) Reports from the treasurer and secretary; 4) Recognition of NALF committees and retiring directors; 5) New business.

Click here to view and print the 2022 State of the Breed report

Host Hotel Information

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport will serve as the host hotel for the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress and Annual Limousin Convention. To reserve your room, call (405) 682-6000. If you reserve your room online, ensure you have the correct hotel by checking the information provided below.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport
1815 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Board of Directors’ Election

The candidates for the 2022 NALF board of directors’ election have been set. The NALF nominating committee has slated one candidate.

Meet the 2022 NALF Board of Director Candidate

The North American Limousin Foundation nominating committee has selected the candidate for the 2022 board of directors’ election. The nominating committee had no others express any interest in serving by the July 15 deadline. As a result, the one slated by the nominating committee will run uncontested this year on the ballot. The nominating committee also recommended to re-up Ronn Cunningham, Jerry Wulf, Troy Gulotta, and Kevin Ochsner for a second term. All have accepted.

Lance Sennett, Indiana

The following is a brief biography submitted by the candidate.

Lance Sennett, Waynetown, Indiana

Lance Sennett is from Waynetown, Indiana where he and his family own and operate Sennett Cattle. Sennett Cattle consists of a 300 cow/calf operation making up of commercial and purebred cattle. Sennett Cattle also proudly raises breeding stock which are backed with an elite set of donor cows consisting of Lim-Flex, Angus, Simmental, Maine-Anjou, and Chianina females. Lance and family also feed out about 2000 head per year in a feedlot that was designed by Lance himself. Sennett Cattle was also awarded the Environmental Stewardship Award in 2008. As a fourth-generation farmer, he also as a grain operation.

Although Lance got his start showing Herefords, he has been no stranger to the Limousin world. His real passion began with the Limousin breed. As a past Secretary and President of the North American Limousin Foundation, he is looking forward to being back on the Board of Directors. Lance was also a past President and Vice President of the Indiana Beef Cattlemen’s Association, where the association awarded him the Young Cattlemen of Year in 2012.

Lance attended Western Kentucky University where he met his wife, Margaret. They have three daughters, which are now the fifth generation, Ellie, Emily, and Claire, where they are involved in the family operation and competitively show cattle on the national level.

All candidates (nominated or member-at-large) will have their biographies published in the October issue of Limousin365 and will be placed on the official ballot. The election will be held during the NALF annual membership meeting on Monday, January 3. If you are not able to attend the annual meeting (during the NWSS), you may request an official ballot from the NALF office prior to December 1, 2021. You must submit a letter to the NALF office requesting an absentee ballot. A form letter is available on the NALF website to place the request. The office will not accept requests after that date. Once members complete and sign their absentee ballots, they should return them to NALF’s official accountant prior to December 31, 2021.

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