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The annual convention for the North American Limousin Foundation is held during the Limousin activities of the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Okla. Activities for the annual convention include a board of directors meeting, the annual membership meeting, National Limousin Sale, and the membership banquet and Genetics on Ice Auction, in addition to show and social activities at Cattlemen’s Congress.

2023 NALF Annual Convention and Cattlemen’s Congress Limousin Activities • December 29 – January 4 • Oklahoma City, Okla.

2023 National Limousin Sale (in conjunction with the Ken Holloway Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction)

The National Limousin Sale is breeders’ opportunity to market the best of the best of Limousin and Lim-Flex® genetics. The 2023 National Limousin Sale will be a video sale and will be held in conjunction with the Membership Banquet and Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction on January 2, the sale will begin at at 6:00 p.m. Contact American Cattle Services, MC Marketing Management, R&R Marketing, or Grassroots Genetics for more information.

2023 National Limousin Sale Catalog

Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice Benefit Auction

The annual Ken Holloway Genetics On Ice auction will be held in conjunction with the Membership Banquet and National Limousin Sale at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 2. The Genetics On Ice auction benefits the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) and the Limi Boosters. For more information, contact Kiley McKinna at 402-350-3447 or Mallory Blunier at 309-361-3007.

2023 Genetics on Ice Benefit Auction Catalog

Annual Meeting
The annual membership meeting of the North American Limousin Foundation will take place the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Okla. on Monday, January 2 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport. The agenda includes 1) Welcome, introductions, and Foundation overview; 2) Nominating committee report and election; 3) Reports from the treasurer and secretary; 4) Recognition of NALF committees and retiring directors; 5) New business.

Click here to view and print the 2022 State of the Breed report.

Host Hotel Information

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport will serve as the host hotel for the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress and Annual Limousin Convention. To reserve your room, call 405-682-6000. If you reserve your room online, ensure you have the correct hotel by checking the information provided below.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Will Rogers World Airport
1815 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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Board of Directors’ Election

The candidates for the 2023 NALF board of directors’ election have been set. The NALF nominating committee has slated one candidate.

Meet the 2023 NALF Board of Director Candidates

The North American Limousin Foundation nominating committee has selected the candidate for the 2022 board of directors’ election. The nominating committee had no others express any interest in serving by the July 15 deadline. As a result, the one slated by the nominating committee will run uncontested this year on the ballot. The nominating committee also recommended to re-up Ronn Cunningham, Jerry Wulf, Troy Gulotta, and Kevin Ochsner for a second term. All have accepted.

George Hubbard, Oklahoma
Mark Haden, Missouri

The following is a brief biography submitted by the candidates.

George Hubbard, Miami, Oklahoma

George Hubbard is from Miami, Oklahoma. He currently manages Stonehill Land and Cattle, a 500 head cow-calf and 1,000 head stocker operation in Miami. They use Lim-Flex and Angus bulls on their Angus based cows and raise their own replacement females. They background their weaned calves then market them through different avenues. He and his family also own a small herd of Limousin cattle and a background stocker operation.

George graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1992 and was a member of the 1991 National Champion Livestock Judging Team. George served as the director of junior activities for the North American Limousin Foundation for seven years. He was then hired by Magness Land and Cattle of Colorado where he ran their fall calving cowherd in Miami for 18 years.

He is a past president of the Oklahoma Limousin Breeders Association (OLBA) and currently serves on the OLBA Board of Directors. He and his family are past recipients of the OLBA Family of the Year and Stonehill Land and Cattle was a past recipient of the OLBA Commercial Producer of the Year.

George and his wife, Suzanne, have three children, Grant, Shelby, and Carter. All three have competitively shown cattle and been active with the North American Limousin Junior Association.

Mark Haden, Rogersville, Missouri 

Mark and his sons operate Buck Ridge Cattle Company together as a family partnership in Southern Missouri on over 2,000 acres of fescue dominant pasture and hay ground. The Buck Ridge headquarters are in Wright County. Mark and his wife, Marta, I have three grown children – Whitney (Nathan), Nick, and Logan (Jenna). The Haden family has continued to grow over the years with now six grandchildren – Matthew, Bailey, Harper, Lincoln, Levi, and Lukas.

The Buck Ridge Cattle Company operation started with very humble beginnings and has been in a constant state of growth over the last 20 years. Initially, Mark bought nine cows to give his sons some chores and responsibilities. Those nine commercial cows have turned into a life’s passion to produce high quality cattle that go on to serve their customers well.

They currently breed over 300 females annually using artificial insemination or embryo transplants. Sires are individually selected for each female to give them the best calf crop possible every year. The Haden’s breeding philosophies have continued to evolve over the years, but they have always stayed disciplined in their approach and expectation that each cow must earn the right to stay in the Buck Ridge Cattle Company herd by breeding back on time, raising a quality calf, and being problem free.

Mark’s passion for the Limousin and Lim-Flex breed has never diminished. “God has blessed my family and I with the land, cattle, and passion that make up Buck Ridge and we are very excited about future possibilities,” states Mark.

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