Video Tutorials

A series of video tutorials have been created to guide you through the Member Site. If you are new to the Member Site, it is recommended to watch these videos before logging in.

Topics include:


Webinar Training

NALF hosts free online training webinars for the new member site, NALF-DigitalBeef. These are interactive webinars where members are able to watch live demonstrations of the NALF-DigitalBeef platform and have the ability to ask questions.

Members may participate in the webinars from their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. To participate, members need only an Internet connection. Specific instructions to participate in the webinars will be provided on this page prior to the first webinar.

Webinars will be announced on NALF’s Facebook page, E-partners and posted on

Watch live recordings of previous webinars:

LIMS Webinar – Recorded on 12/17/19

LIMS Enrollment Instructions Webinar – Recorded on 2/6/17 and walks members through the steps of enrolling cows in the LIMS program.

Member Site Webinar Training 1 – Topics covered: transfers, entering weaning and yearling data, pastures and breeding data, sales and marketing, progeny EPD calculator, and member questions.

Member Site Webinar Training 2 – Topics covered: DNA testing requests and results, animal view screen information, printing ultrasound barn sheets, bull agreements, calendar and consigning animals to a sale, marketplace, breeder map, and private treaty sale catalogs.

Cyber Campfire on DNA Testing via the Member Site – Brittany Barrick covers ordering and the display of DNA  results in Digital Beef along with new tests and the future of DNA testing.


Login and Overview

Introduction to NALF-DigitalBeef – The topics of this written guide include: Introduction and Login; View Herd and Tools; and Search Tools. Review this guide if you are first visiting the Member Site or need a refresher.

To login to the Member Site:  Your login is your NALF member number starting with the letter N; Password is the same case sensitive password as the previous member site. Contact NALF at 303-220-1693 or email NALF if you have forgotten your password or do not have one.


Recording Birth, Weaning, and Yearling Data – This written guide walks you through the basics of registering calves and entering weights.


Transfers & Reports

Transfers & Reports – Completing transfers and printing reports are quick and easy using the Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef Platform. Use this guide to learn how.


Quick Tips

Quick Tips – Use these Quick Tips to learns the Basics of the Member Site, how to navigate the site, accessing and using the Animal Detail Screen, and recording data.

Progeny Calculation

The Basics: Reports; Recording/Registering Calves; Transferring

DNA Management

Pasture Groups; Private Treaty & Consignments

Cow Leases & Bull Use Agreements

Registering ET Calves

Looking Up New EPDs for Commercial Bull Buyers

LIMS Enrollment

LIMS Instructions – Use this guide to enroll cows in the LIMS (Limousin Inventory Management System). Visit the LIMS page for more information about this program.


DNA Testing Instructions

DNA Testing Instructions – Members are encouraged to order DNA tests using their Member Site on the NALF-DigitalBeef platform. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.


Ordering DNA Supplies

Guide to Ordering DNA Supplies on DigitalBeef – Including DNA Hair Kits. Orders are processed daily. Expedited Shipping is available.


Printing Barn Sheets

Guide to Printing Barn Sheets – For carcass ultrasound data collection.


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