Date Company Name Information City State Type of
03/25 Pembrook Cattle Company Springs Production Sale Fairview OK Sale
03/29 Davis Ranches Limousin & Lim-Flex Online Sale L365 Auctions Sale
03/30 Minor Limousin Inaugural Online Sale Event L365 Online Sales Sale
04/01 Magness Land & Cattle Western Slope Annual Bull Sale Platteville CO Sale
04/01 Ludens Family Limousin Annual Bull Sale Viborg SD Sale
04/04 Coleman Limousin Annual Bull Sale Missoula MT Sale
04/05 Cross Creek Farm Spring Online Sale L365 Auctions Sale
04/06 Wulf Cattle Annual Opportunity Sale of 2023 Sale
04/07 Good Friday/NALF Office Closed Event
04/11 Hager Cattle Co Annual Bull Sale Karlsruhe ND Sale
04/12 Peterson’s L7 Bar Annual Bull Sale Pukwana SD Sale
04/15 Wilder/Lawrence Texas Showcase Online Show Prospect Sale SC Online Sales Sale
04/25 Linhart Divas Online Show Heifer Sale SC Online Sales
04/27 Wilder Aggie Traditions Online Sale L365 Online Sales Sale
04/29 The Great American Pie Sale Lebanon MO Sale
05/02 Becky Craig Online Bull Sale L365 Auctions Sale
05/05 Torgerson Farms Cinco De Mayo Sale L365 Online Sales Sale
05/06 Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Production Sale Chattanooga OK Sale
05/13 Summit Sale of 2023 Sand Springs OK Sale
05/20 Wilder’s Spring Time Spectacle Sale Cameron TX Sale
05/29 Memorial Day/NALF Office Closed Event
07/04 Independence Day/NALF Office Closed Event
07/11 Sale of Sales Rapid City SD Sale
09/04 Labor Day/NALF Office Closed Event
11/23 Thanksgiving/NALF Office Closed Event
11/24 Thanksgiving/NALF Office Closed Event
12/25 Christmas/NALF Office Closed Event
12/26 Christmas/NALF Office Closed Event
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