Spring Creeks Cattle Company Production Sale

February 17, 2019
Fennimore, Wis.
Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson
Sale management: MC Marketing Management
Sale consultant: Grassroots Genetics
Reported by: Andy Rest, NALF regional manager

13 – Bred females – $2,050
28 1/3 – Bulls – $3,362
Sale Gross – $121,900

$8,000 – Lot 1, Spring Creeks Fly Guy 5078F, 3/26/2018, Purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by Wulfs Conversion 3970C, purchased by Wulf Cattle, Morris, Minn.

$5,000 – Lot 2, Spring Creeks Flight Pattern, 3/26/2018, 75% Limousin, red, homozygous polled, sired by Hunts Credentials 37C, purchased by Chris Ziegler, Bloomville, Ohio.

$4,600 – Lot 3, Spring Creeks Fly Over 025F, 3/25/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by Spring Creeks The Answer 4023, purchased by Dan Guse, Whitehall, Wis.

$4,000 – Lot 5, Spring Creeks Englewood 2943, 10/20/2017, Lim-Flex, double black, homozygous polled, sired by EXAR 263C 1223B, purchased by the Cross Four Ranch, Miles City, Mont.

$4,000 – Lot 23, Spring Creeks Flight Deck, 3/28/2018, 79% Limousin, black, polled, sired by Wulfs Dekalb K3570D, purchased by Robert Hammel, Dorchester, Iowa.

$2,700 – Bred Female – Lot 30, Spring Creeks Ethel 7013E, 1/22/2017, Purebred, double black, double polled, sired by SYES Backstage 466B, bred to Wulfs Xcellsior X252X, purchased by Oliva Horsfall, Fennimore, Wis.

Photo Captions:

(Boscobel)- The volume buyer at the Spring Creeks sale were Todd and Kelly Groom, Boscobel, Wis.

(Hammel)- Robert Hammel, Dorchester, Iowa and his son, Logan, purchased one of the high selling bulls at the Spring Creeks sale.

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