Wieczorek Limousin 39th Annual Bull Sale

February 22, 2019
Mt. Vernon, S.D.
Auctioneer: C.K. “Sonny” Booth
Sale consultants: MC Marketing Management and Grassroots Genetics
Reported by: Andy Rest, NALF regional manager

44 – Bulls – $3,560
Sale Gross – $156,650

$8,750 – Lot 4, WZRK Fortress 3045F, 1/28/2018, Purebred, red, polled/scurred, sired by COLE Architect 08A, purchased by Winkler Brothers, Wagner, S.D.

$7,100 – Lot 1, WZRK Flashpoint 3018F, 2/17/2018, Purebred, red, homozygous polled, sired by Wulfs Apostle T343A, purchased by Marv Anderson, Arlington, Wash.

$6,750 – Lot 3, WZRK Finish Line 0038F, 2/8/2018, Lim-Flex, red, homozygous polled, sired by H2R Profitbuilder B403, purchased by Kyles Schamale, Carroll, Neb.

$6,000 – Lot 5, WZRK Fifth Gear 1015F, 4/1/2018, Purebred, black, homozygous polled, sired by COLE Canyon 83C, purchased by Corey Grimsrud, Sisseton, S.D.

$5,750 – Lot 7, WZRK Foot Hold 5054F, 4/4/2018, Purebred, black, polled, sired by CJSL Data Bank 6124D, purchased by Steve Hauser, Dimock, S.D.

Photo Captions:

(Winkler)- Verland and Duane Winkler, Wagner, S.D., purchased the high selling bull at the Wieczorek Limousin Bull Sale and are pictured with owner, Curt Wieczorek, right, after the sale.

(Reiman)- Luke, Larry and Nolan Reiman, Butte, Neb., were volume buyers at the Wieczorek Limousin Bull Sale.

(Kokes)- Jim Kokes, right, purchased two bulls at the Wieczorek Limousin Sale and visits with Curt Wieczorek.

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