About NALF

The North American Limousin Foundation President makes appointments to several committees each year. These committees exist to ensure certain aspects of the association run properly. They give a voice to the membership by bringing their needs and concerns to the board. The following is a description of the ten committees and a list of their members.

Nominating Committee

This committee networks with the NALF membership to identify the most qualified candidates for directors to serve on the NALF board and provide leadership for the organization. The committee’s recommendations for directors shall be published in the November issue of the Limousin Today. Nominations from outside the nominating committee must be made to the NALF office no later than Oct. 1.

Chairman: Bret Begert; Members as described in By-Laws.

Commercial Marketing Committee

Increases demand and commercial market share through advertising, promotion and execution of programs directed to demonstrate and enhance the commercial value of Limousin genetics. They also provide input as to educational efforts directed toward commercial producers and content directed toward NALF members on subjects related to serving the needs of commercial producers. This is the primary committee liaison with alliance entities. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to advertising, commercial marketing and promotion, and commercial programs.

Chairman: Joey Freund; Staff: Mark Anderson and Nathan Smith, Board members: Wade Beckman, Dan Hunt, Joe Moore, Jerry Wulf; Members: Mike Smith, Trent Coleman, Mat Lewis, Fred Wacker, Brent Fillmore.

Finance Committee

Oversees development and execution of NALF’s annual operating budget consistent with long-term board approved financial objectives. Monitor income and expenses on a monthly basis and coordinate with other committees as to executing their plan of work in accordance to approved budget guidelines. Recommend mid-year adjustments to the budget as might be deemed necessary to achieve targeted year-end financial performance objectives. Provide oversight for execution of the board approved investment policy and track performance of investments. Review year-end financial performance including report from auditor.

Chairman: Mark Barker; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Gary Fuchs, Joey Freund, Dan Hunt, Curt Wieczorek.

LIMOUSIN TODAY/Communications Committee

Explore the commonalities between both parties to decrease duplication of effort, while complementing each other’s actions. As necessary, guide operation and interest in the Limousin Today.

Chairman: Bruce Lawrence; Staff: Mark Anderson and Mallory Blunier; Board members:  Mark Barker, Dan Hunt, Randy Corns, Ronn Cunningham; Members: Chad Settje, Bob Mitchell, Chisum Peterson.

Membership Committee

Increase membership, registrations, transfers, and involvement of members in activities of the NALF and their respective state Limousin associations. This committee provides input as to educational efforts directed toward NALF members for more effective production and marketing of Limousin genetics. They are also responsible for budgets pertaining to member marketing activities and for projecting revenue for member registration and transfer activity.

Chairman: Mark Barker; Staff: Mark Anderson, Alison Jones, Stephanie Kramer-Beddo, Katie Campbell and Tammy Anderson; Board members: Bret Begert, Joe Moore, Bruce Lawrence, Kevin Ochsner; Members: Ty Heavin, Jay Wilder, John Pence, Austin Hager, Dexter Edwards.

NALJA Committee

Serve as the committee liaison between the NALF board of directors and the board of directors for the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA). Monitor fundraising, expenditures and financial management of NALJA as well as executions of NALJA sponsored activities. Review NALJA action relative to rules and regulations, selection of judges, sites for NALJA events and recognition of NALJA members.

Chairman: Randy Corns; Staff: Mark Anderson and Katie Campbell; Board members: Kevin Ochsner, Troy Gulotta, Bret Begert; Members: Greg Blaydes, Sean & Brooke Edwards, Amber Parkinson, Brenda Anderson, Skyler Davis, Ty and Susie Heavin, Randa Taylor.

Breed Improvement Committee (Formerly Performance Committee)

Guides the development of NALF’s performance related functions including EPDs, ultrasound data collection, NALF sponsored research, DNA and animal typing-services for parentage and other traits, genetic defects, and genomic-enhanced EPDs.

Chairman: Dan Hunt, Staff: Mark Anderson, Tammy Anderson and Alison Jones; Consultant: Bob Weaber, Tonya Amen, Tessa Verbeek; Board members: Mark Barker, Curt Wieczorek, Joey Freund; Members: Trent Coleman, Casey Fanta, Mark Haden, Mat Lewis, Gary Gates, Austin Hager, Rob Brawner.

Rules & Regulations Committee

Assist staff in updating materials in the member’s manual, including rules, regulations and by-laws. Guides operation and further development of NALF’s data processing functions to facilitate industry-leading service to members, while enhancing office efficiency in the delivery of such services.

Chairman: Curt Wieczorek; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Bret Begert, Joe Moore, Joey Freund, Charles Linhart; Members: Warren Symens, Mark Smith, Jack Glendenning, Greg Blaydes.

Show Committee

Increase participation, merchandising value, and satisfaction members receive through exhibiting cattle in NALF’S MOE events. Responsibilities of this committee include: development and execution of the MOE budget including work with official sponsors, selection of judges for Level I, maintain an approved judges list, review and recommend to the board any changes in MOE policies, rules and requirements, select MOE awards, and generally resolve MOE issues as needed.

Chairman: Randy Corns; Staff: Mark Anderson and Katie Campbell; Board members: Bruce Lawrence, Charles Linhart, Troy Gulotta, Ronn Cunningham; Members: Thad Fosdick, Clay Schilling, Chris Thomas, Ty Heavin, Heather Henderson, John Pence, Shelby Skinner, Dexter Edwards.

Visions Committee

Looks at and develops new programs. They also evaluate the market and beef industry for opportunities for Limousin cattle and continued work on a branded beef program.

Chairman: Charles Linhart; Staff: Mark Anderson; Board members: Jerry Wulf, Wade Beckman; Members: Austin Hager, Cash Schilling, Bob Mitchell, Mat Lewis, Terry O’Neill, Chad Settje, Kiley McKinna.

Staffing Committee

Manages any new and current positions, along with the executive director, at NALF and helps make hiring decisions.

Chairman: Gary Fuchs; Board members: Brett Begert, Joey Freund, Curt Wieczorek, Dan Hunt.

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